War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0485 Chapter XIII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 82.

Report of Major General Alexander McD. McCook, U. S. Army, commanding Twentieth Army Corps.


Chattanooga, October 2, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to submit a detailed account of the operations of the Twentieth Army Corps, from the date of constructing the pontoon bridge over the Tennessee River at Caperton's Ferry, on the 29th of August, 1863, until the occupation of Chattanooga by the Army of the Cumberland.

At 4 a. m., August 29, the pontoons were ready for the construction of the bridge over the Tennessee River. Heg's brigade, of Davis' division, of this corps, was placed in the boats and crossed to the opposite bank to cover its construction, to drive away the enemy's pickets, and to seize the heights of Sand Mountain. This duty was well performed, and the bridge completed at 1 p. m.

Carlin's brigade, assisted by 100 men and officers of the Pioneer Corps, guarded the bridge.

August 30, General Davis crossed his remaining two brigades, concentrating them at the foot of Sand Mountain.

Johnson's division, of the Twentieth Corps, stationed at Bellefonte, Ala., marched to the ford at Crow Creek, and Davis' entire division encamped on night of the 30th on top of Sand Mountain.

Sheridan's division assisted in building a bridge at Bridgeport, Ala., to enable it to cross the river at that point. His line of march was via Trenton, Ga., thence to Will's Valley.

August 31 Johnson's division crossed the river at Caperton's Ferry and encamped at foot of Sand Mountain.

September 1 headquarters of corps at Stevenson, Ala.

September 2 Davis' division advanced and encamped at the foot of Sand Mountain, in Will's Valley. Johnson's division moved up the mountain and encamped near the western summit. Sheridan's division crossed at Bridgeport and marched toward Trenton.

September 3 Davis in camp in Will's Valley. Johnson marched to near eastern summit of Sand Mountain. Headquarters of corps with this division. The First and Second Division of cavalry passed this point at 1 p. m.

September 4 Davis marched to Winston's, foot of Lookout Mountain, and seized the pass over the mountain at that place. Johnson's division marched down the Sand Mountain and encamped on the ground vacated by Davis.

Winston's is 42 miles from Chattanooga, 25 miles from Caperton's Ferry, 48 miles from Rome, Ga., and 45 miles from Dalton, Ga.

September 5 General Sheridan reported his command to be encamped a few miles southwest of Trenton, having been delayed by Negley's wagon train.

September 6 Sheridan encamped at Stevens' Mill, 12 miles from Winston's.

September 7 no movements.

September 8 Johnson's division marched to Long's Spring, on the Trenton road, and two brigades of Davis' division were ordered into Broomtown Valley, to support Stanley's cavalry.

September 9 Carlin's brigade, of Davis' division, marched on