War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0408 Chapter XIII. KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N. GA.

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the general commanding the division, moved with the Fourth Michigan Battery, and the Seventeenth Ohio, and the Eighty-second Indiana, to the support of the Third Brigade, leaving the Thirty-first Ohio to be ordered, if necessary, to the support of the Second Brigade, both of which brigades were now engaged. When forming my command in line to support the Third Brigade, I received orders to move with my whole command to the right to support the Second Brigade, the Thirty-first Ohio having been ordered there also. I moved rapidly to the right, but was halted and ordered to send the Seventeenth Ohio to report to Colonel Van Derveer with my whole command, except the Thirty-first Ohio, I ordered Lieutenant-Colonel Ward, Seventeenth Ohio, to report to Colonel Van Derveer, who posted him on the right of the Ninth Ohio, and I placed the Fourth Michigan Battery on the left of Colonel Van Derveer's line, supported by the Eighty-second Indiana. Here the Seventeenth Ohio supported the Ninth Ohio in a charge, resulting in the retaking of the Fifth (regular) battery, which had just fallen into the hands of the enemy.

The enemy, having broken the regular brigade into confusion, charged Colonel Van Derveer's line, but was quickly repulsed under a rapid fire of Church's Fourth Michigan and Smith's Fourth (regular) battery, and by the obstinate resistance of the Third Brigade. The casualties in my brigade during this attack and repulse of the enemy were, 1 killed and 3 wounded in the Eighty-second Indiana.

The confused flight of the regular brigade over our left had no effect upon the lines of the Eighty-second Indiana, who maintained their position, Smith and Church both working their batteries with great energy, regardless of the flight of the stragglers. I assisted in rallying a number of the fleeing regulars and formed a nucleus for a successful rally.

The heavy fighting being now over, the Seventeenth Ohio returned to my command, and I received orders to occupy a position on a hill to the right of the road, to resist an expected attack, which was done. No attack having been made I was ordered to retire to a point about 1 mile from the hospital, where with the Third Brigade I remained in position until ordered to move to the right to the assistance of General Palmer, following the Third Brigade. I arrived there just before sundown, there being joined by Lieutenant-Colonel Lister, Thirty-first Ohio, who had in supporting the Second Brigade been obstinately engaged the whole day, and moving to the neighborhood of the spring, where a hospital had been established, bivouacked with my whole command.

Lieutenant-Colonel Lister fought his regiment gallantly and well, with heavy loss, but as he at the time was detached from my command, I beg leave to refer to his report* herewith of the part taken in the engagement of that day by his command.

At 11 o'clock that night I was ordered to take up a position on the left of General Negley's line, about a quarter of a mile in front of where I was bivouacked, which was done, and the brigade rested till morning.

Second day.-Early in the morning of the 20th the Second Brigade, Colonel Croxton, having come into line on my left, my right joining Colonel Stanley's brigade, off Negley's division, slight skir-


*Not found.