War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0394 KY.,SW. VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLII.

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On the 10th we moved from our position at the foot of Lookout and advanced slowly toward Pigeon Gap, Twenty-first being in advance, Companies F and C being deployed as skirmishers, light skirmishing being the order of the day. We reached a hill that evening within a mile or mile and one-half of the Gap. At 3 a. m. we changed position going about three-quarters of a mile to the rear of the hill occupied the evening before, the regiment being formed in the edge of a dense wood, completely concealing it from the enemy.

At 6 a. m. of the 11th we changed position a short distance to the left. We lay there until 10 a. m., when we were moved to the rear to protect the wagon train from some rebel cavalry who were reported about to attack it. While lying here we threw up a slight breastwork of rails, logs, &c. At 3 p. m. we were ordered back still farther, the corps being compelled to fall back. We marched about 2 miles to the rear and took up position in a wood on the left as support to Battery G, in double column on the center closed en masse. The artillery were firing quite rapidly, and in about half an hour we were moved still farther to the rear, marching by the left flank. Shortly after we were deployed in line of battle. After a short time we again commenced the retrograde movement, marching by the right of companies about 4 miles. At 9 p. m. we took position on the brow of a hill and went into bivouac.

Moved our position slightly on morning of 12th and formed line of battle; stacked arms.

On 12th and 13th we lay in the same position taken up the morning of the 12th.

On 14th changed position to the right about three-quarters of a mile. We lay in that position until the 17th, when we took up the line of march at 7 a. m. We marched to Chickamauga Creek and went into bivouac on its banks that night about dark.

On 18th took up line of march at 3 p. m., marched 5 miles to the front and got into bivouac after dark. We lay there about three hours, when we were ordered back to the Chickamauga again. We reached the creek, threw out pickets, and went into bivouac by 4 a. m. of 19th. At daylight we threw out pickets and marched back a mile, where we took position as support for Battery G; threw up breastworks of logs and stones. Lay there until 3 p. m., when we were again marched up to the front about 5 miles. Heavy fighting had been going on all day on our left. About 6 p. m. reached the battle-field, formed line of battle, and marched forward in a strip of woods about a mile. Just after entering the woods we were saluted by a volley of about ten or twelve guns. We returned the fire, when the enemy threw down their arms and fled. Lay in line of battle all night, every man on the alert. We lost 3 men wounded and 2 killed on 19th.

Next morning (20th) we were moved from our position about 9 a. m. over to he left, the enemy having made a spirited attack on that point. After changing position several times we were finally put in position on the brow of a hill as support to a battery belonging to General Brannan's division. At about 11.30 a. m. the enemy advanced on us in heavy force. We, however, held our ground until 3 p. m., when some of the Reserve Corps came up and relieved us, charging down the hill and driving the enemy in gallant style. They kept the enemy at bay for about one hour, when they fell back and we were again engaged with the enemy. In the meantime we had thrown