War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0342 KY.,SW. VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N. ALA.,AND N. GA. Chapter XLII.

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The Third Brigade was just taking position when Colonel Fisher,

of McCook's staff, rode up and delivered an order for you to move to the assistance of General Thomas. You immediately dispatched officers to the brigades directing them to move up with all possible haste, myself going to the Third Brigade, Colonel Sirwell. The division move uninterruptedly, the order of march being, respectively, Second, Third, and First Brigades, the Second Brigade being moved to occupy a ridge to the left and front of General Rosecrans' headquarters, I being ordered to station the Third Brigade near said headquarters, then return to the road and await the arrival of the First Brigade and direct it accordingly. On arriving at said headquarters with First Brigade, I found the Third had moved to the ridge; rejoining the Second Brigade, I directed the First to follow. On arriving at the summit of the ridge, I saw the Second and Third Brigades being deployed in the valley beyond, preparatory to taking possession of the woods in their front, which was reported to be held by the rebels. On their being pushed forward, they found the enemy in some force; succeeded in driving them about one-half mile, when the firing ceased, they retaining their position during the night.

About 8 a. m., Sunday, I understood you to receive orders from General Thomas, per Captain Willard, to join him on the left with your division. You sent orders to Colonels Stanley and Sirwell to withdraw their skirmishers, preparatory to a move, while I was sent to report to General McCook that you were ordered to move your command; consequently there would be a gap in the lines that should be looked to. I inquired for him of General Sheridan, stating the nature of my mission; also of General Lytle; neither of them could direct me to his whereabouts. I shortly after met Colonel Goddard, making the same statement to him. He suggested that I had better see General Rosecrans; that he had gone out on the line, at the same time pointing toward our front. On regaining the ridge I discovered you and him (General Rosecrans) in conversation. As soon as he retired I reported that I had not been able to find General McCook. You replied, "All right; I have seen General Rosecrans." Almost immediately after the First Brigade, that had been lying in reserve, was ordered to proceed to the left and report to General Thomas. I was then ordered to take charge of the ordnance train and move it in rear of First Brigade. I proceeded to follow the brigade about three-quarters of a mile, when you sent me an order to turn the train into a field to the left of the road, where it would be less exposed to the shells of the enemy, which was immediately executed. I then reported to you on the ridge previously occupied by the First Brigade.

A short time thereafter a portion of Wood's division formed on the ridge, threw out skirmishers, and proceeded, after apparently much delay, toward our front, three-quarters of a mile distant, ostensibly for the purpose of relieving our line. I then accompanied you toward the front, when we met the Second Brigade moving on the road in column toward the left. You sent me back to hurry up Sirwell's brigade, with orders for it to follow the Second. After delivering the orders, and on my return, I met Lieutenant Moody, who stated that the general wanted Sirwell's brigade on the ridge, at the same time pointing to the ridge north of the road facing south. The brigade reported as directed. I then found you placing the artillery in position-Batteries G and M, First Ohio Volunteer Artillery, a portion of Bridge's Battery, and one section of the Fourth (regular)