War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0100 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Sergt. S. E. Lawrence, Fourth Captain Church,commanding

Michigan Battery, Third battery,mentions him for

Division, Fourteenth Army gallantry.


Sergt. A. C. Dilley, Company C, One

hundred and twenty-fifth Ohio,

First Division, Twenty-first

Army Corps.

Sergt. R. D. Barnes, Company B, One

hundred and twenty-fifth Ohio, Colonel Opycke,commanding

First Division, Twenty-first

regiment,specially mentions

Army Corps. them for good conduct.

Sergt. H. N. Steadman, Company

B, One hundred and twenty-fifth

Ohio, First Division, Twenty-

first Army Corps.

Major-General Crittenden says

Private John Adkins, Company D, they remained on the field

Second Kentucky, Twenty-first with his staff both days and

Army Corps.

aided as much as any one in

Private George C. James, Company rallying the men;that they are

A, Sixht Ohio, Twenty-first Army competent to command and

Corps. deserving of it.

Major-General Palmer says, "He

remained with me all day as

Private H. H. Eby, Company C, orderly,but at the close of

Seventh Illinois Cavalry, the battle,on Sunday,was

Twenty-first Army Corps. wounded and fell into the

hands of the enemy."

Is specially mentioned for

good conduct by Brigadier-

Private Robert Hays, Company C, General Johnson.

Thirtieth Indiana, Twentieth

Army Corps. Being one of Brigadier-General

Wood's escort he says, "When I

Private Robert Lemon, Company called, this brave and devoted

I, Fifty-eighth Indiana, boy, a youth of not more than

Twenty-first Army Corps. sixteen or seventeen years of

age, responded."

Orderly T. Marr, Company C,

Twenty-ninth Indiana, Second Colonel Dodge,commanding

Brigade, Second Division, brigade,says, "By their

Twentieth Army Corps.

coolness and courage showed

Orderly J. McCarty, Company E, that they were worthy of

Thirty-fourth Illinois, Second Brigade, Second Division, Twentieth Army Corps. holding commissions."

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Orderly G. Hirsheurser, First Brigadier-General Willich says

Brigade, Second Division, he distinguished himself

Twentieth Army Corps. greatly and fell wounded in

the enemy's hands.

Orderly Black, Seventy-seventh Colonel Dodge,commanding

Pennsylvania, Twentieth Army brigade,says he was severely

Corps. wounded,if not killed,while

with Lieutenant Davis,of his

staff,collecting men that were

separated from their commands.

Private Samuel Morris, Company Colonel Harker,commanding

H, First Ohio, Cavalry, Third brigade,says, "Throughout the

Brigade, First Division, Twenty- fight this brave youth was

first Army Corps. ever at amy side ready for the

performance of his duty."

Orderly Isaac Bigelow, Third Colonel Grose,commanding

Brigade, Second Division, brigade,mentions these for

Twenty-first Army Corps.

good conduct,both being

Orderly George Shirk, Thirty- wounded on the 20th, Shirk

sixth Indiana, Third Brigade, seriously while carrying the

Second Division, Twenty-first brigade flag.

Army Corps.

Orderly Waffle, Company K, Ninth

Indiana Infantry, Second

Brigade, Second Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Orderly Bierce, Second Brigade,

Second Division, Twenty-first Brigadier-General Hazen speaks

Army Corps.

of these as deserving of

Orderly Morrison, Second special notice for their good

Brigade, Second Division, conduct.

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Orderly Sweeney, Company K,

Ninth Indiana, Second Brigade,

Second Division, Twenty-first

Army Corps. Brigadier-General Hazen speaks

of him as particularly

Orderly Shepherd Scott, Company distinguished for bravery and

I, Forty-first Ohio, Infantry, good service on two occasions;

Second Brigade, Second that he brought on two

Division, Twenty-first Army occasion brigades to his

Corps. assistance when needed, and

was shot and killed or

captured. If restored he

recommends his promotion as

second lieutenant.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Private Richard Sloane, Colonel Dodge mentions him as

Company G, Thirtieth Indiana, conspicuous for good conduct;

Second Brigade, Second was severely wounded in the

Division, Twentieth Army hand and head on Saturday

Corps. while carrying an order and

taken to the rear,but returned

again for duty on the morning

of the 20th.

Orderly Horace A. Hall, Company

K, Fifty-eighth Indiana, First

Brigade, First Division, Twenty- Colonel Buell,commanding

first Army Corps.

brigade,specially mentions

Orderly John Scheck, First these for good conduct in the

Brigade, First Division, Twenty- hottest of the fight.

first Army Corps.

Private Albia C. Zearing,

Company B, Ninety-third Ohio,

Third Brigade, Second Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Private John Sloan, Company B,

Ninety-third Ohio, Third

Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Martin,commanding

Twentieth Army Corps.

regiment,says of these,their

Private John Drewry, Company B, coolness bravery,and

Ninety-third Ohio, Third determination,who were wounded

Brigade, Second Division, slightly but remained with

Twentieth Army Corps. their companies and performed

duty, "deserve special

Private IIenry Linn, Company B, mention."

Ninety-third Ohio, Third

Brigade, Second Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.