War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0099 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Sergt. William C. Miles, Company Specially named for good

H, Third Kentucky Cavalry, conduct by Brigadier-General

Second Division, Twentieth Army Johnson.


Sergt. Samuel Goodwin, One Brigadier-General Wood speaks

hundredth Illinois, First of him as having taken the

Division, Twenty-first Army division colors when the

Corps. bearer of them was shot

dawn,and bore them aloft

during the day,remaining with

him all the time.

Sergt. Charles A. Allen, Company Colonel Post says that in the

E, Seventy-fourth Illinois, performance of delicate and

First Brigade, First Division, important duty he displayed

Twentieth Army Corps. much tact and gallantry.

Corp. Dorsey, A. Leimin, Company Colonel Grose,commanding

I, Twenty-fourth Ohio brigade,says of him, "Seeing

Regiment, Third Brigade, Second the bearer of the brigade flag

Division, Twenty-first Army fall,he rushed to it and bore

Corps. it off the field,as he did his

own regimental colors on two

occasions the day before, He

is highly deserving the notice

of the appointing power."

Sergeant S. Jennings, First Mentioned for brave behavior

Missouri Artillery, Second by Colonel Laiboldt.

Brigade, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Corp. Jesse R. Dodd, Thirty-first Both complimented by

Indiana, First Brigade, Second

Brigadier-General Cruft for

Division, Twenty-first Army gallant conduct in seizing the

Corps. colors of their regiments upon

Corp. James J. Holliday, the fall of their color-

Ninetieth Ohio.............. bearers and bravely bearing

them during the rest of the


Sergt. Major Major Williams,commanding

E. J. Stivers, Eighty-ninth regiment,says he deserves

Illinois, First Brigade, Second special mention for his

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. bravery.

Sergt. J. Holmes, Company B, Colonel Martin,commanding

Ninety-third Ohio, Third regiment,says of these, "Their

Brigade, Second Division,


Twentieth Army Corps. determination,who were wounded

slightly,but remained with

Corp. George Rosscoe, Company C, Ninety-third Ohio. their companies and ........

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Corp. G. W. Gifford, Company C, Colonel Martin,commanding

Ninety-third Ohio. regiment,says of these, "Their


determination,who were wounded

slightly,but remained with

their companies and performed

duty,deserve special mention."

Sergt. Major Stanley G. Pope, Captain Powell,commanding

regiment,makes special mention

Sixty-fifth Ohio, Third of these for general good

Brigade, First Division, conduct-the first deserving

Twenty-first Army Corps. special credit for his efforts

to keep the men together; the

First Sergt. Samuel P. Snider, second,commanding a company,

Company D, Sixty-fifth Ohio. for his bravery in leading his

men;and the third,color-

Sergt. G. W. Hariam, Company B, bearer, for bravely facing the

Sixty-fifth Ohio. storm of bullets,and on being

severely wounded continuing at

his post until ordered to the


Colonel Wiley,commanding

regiment,says, "For pursuing

two prisoners,who took refuge

Corporal Strock, Company E, in a house when the regiment

Forty-first Ohio, Second repelled the last charge on

Division, Twenty-first Army Saturday afternoon,he deserves

Corps. special mention."

Sergt. Major Isaac D'Isay, Captain Smith,commanding

Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, Third regiment,specially mentions

Brigade, First Division, them for gallant and

Fourteenth Army Corps.

meritorious conduct.

Sergt. R. W. Evans, Eighteenth

U. S. Infantry, Third Brigade,

First Division, Fourteenth Army Lieutenant-Colonel Embree,

Corps. commanding regiment,says he

proved himself worthy of

Sergeant-Major Fowler, Fifty- promotion.

eighth Indiana, First Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel Embree,

commanding regiment,says that

though sick and almost unable

Sergeant Miller, Company K, to move about the field,he

Fifty-eighth Indiana, First stood bravely to his post.

Division, Twenty-first Army


Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Sergeant Miller, Company C, Lieutenant-Colonel Langdon,

First Ohio, Third Brigade, commanding regiment,specially

Second Division, Twentieth Army mentions him for gallant

Corps. conduct.

Sergt. William Duncan, Company Colonel Swaine,commanding

C, Ninety-ninth Ohio, Third regiment,says he deserves the

Division, Twenty-first Army warmest praise for his

Corps. gallantry and coolness,holding

the colors aloft during

retreat, that the men might


Sergt. Major D. R. Cook, Forty- Major Gray,commanding

ninth Ohio, First regiment, mentions him for

Brigade, Second gallantry.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Captain Huston,commanding,says

Corp. William Murphy, Company I, when the color-bearer was shot

Fifth Kentucky, Third Brigade, he seized the flag and

Second Division, Twentieth Army thenceforth bore it.


Sergt. L. Schile, Third Brigade, Colonel Berry,commanding,

Second Division, Twentieth

mentions them for good

Army Corps. conduct.

Sergt. Thomas Dunn............ Colonel Martin,commanding,

specially mentions him for

Sergt. J. H. Parks, Company D, good conduct.

Ninety-third Ohio, Third

Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Martin,commanding,

Twentieth Army Corps. mentions him as having

remained upon the field after

Sergt. Major O. M. Gottschall, being wounded.

Ninety-third Ohio, Third

Brigade, Second Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Sergt. Thomas J. Myers, Battery Lieutenant Smith,commanding

I, Fourth U. S. Artillery, Third battery,specially mentions

Division, Fourteenth Army them for gallantry.


Sergt. Charles Ellis, Battery I,

Fourth U. S. Artillery, Third

Division, Fourteenth Army