War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0097 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Lieutenant W. Eilanch, Second Colonel Laiboldt,commanding

Brigade, Third Division, brigade,names him for good

Twentieth Army Corps. behavior.

Lieutenant B. R. Wood,jr., Signal Favorably noticed by Major-

Corps, Twentieth Army Corps. General McCook.

Lieutenant Neudorff, Second

Brigade, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Mentioned for good conduct by

Lieutenant Heydtman, Colonel Laiboldt,commanding

topographical engineer. brigade.

Lieutenant C. M. Harvey,escort, Major-General Crittenden says,

Twenty-first Army Corps. "To habitual good conduct in

camp he has added good conduct

in the field."

Lieutenant Shaw,escort, Second Major-General Palmer says he

Division, Twenty-first Army exhibited commendable courage.


Lieutenant Scarritt,aide-de-

camp, Second Division, Twenty- Major-General Palmer says,

first Army Corps.

"Behaved with great

Lieutenant Thomas,aide-de- gallantry."


Lieutenant Chilton, Second

Division, Twenty-first Army Major-General Palmer commends


them for faithful performance

Lieutenant Peck,chief of of duties.


Lieutenant Croxton,ordnance... Mentioned by Brigadier-General

Turchin for good conduct.

Lieutenant Robert

W. Williams,aide-de-camp, Third

Brigade, Fourth

Division, Fourteenth Army


Mentioned by Colonel Walworth

Lieutenant for good conduct.

A. O. Johnson,staff, Third

Brigade, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Hanback,staff......

Commended to the notice of the

Lieutenant commanding general as having

C. Montague,staff........ rendered valuable services by

Major-General Sheridan.

Lieutenant A. J. Douglass,

ordnance, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieut. F. H. Allen,aide-de-camp, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Lieutenant M. V. Sheridan,aide- Commended to the notice of the

de-camp....................... commanding general having

rendered valuable services by

Lieutenant T. W. C. Moore,aide- Major-General Sheridan.


After the death of Brigadier-

Lieutenant Alfred Pirtle,aide- General Lytle this officer

de-camp, Third reported to Major-General

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Sheridan,who says, "He behaved

very handsomely."


J. E. Remington,acting assistant

quartermaster, First

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Mentioned by Brigadier-General

Davis for good conduct.


J. P. Kuntze,topographical


Brigadier-General Johnson

Lieutenant expresses his thanks for their

J. M. Butler,ordnance.... gallantry on the battle-field.


A. S. Smith,staff, Second

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Brigadier-General Brannan

compliments them for gallant

Lieutenant conduct under the severest

J. J. Kessler,staff.....


Lieutenant Edward

Davis,staff.... Specially mentioned for

efficient services by

Lieutenant Ira V. Germain,aide- Brigadier-General Brannan.

de-camp, Third

Division, Fourteenth Army Mentioned for good conduct by


Brigadier-General Van Cleve.

Lieutenant T. V. Webb,aide-de-

camp... Major-General Negley names him

for gallantry and efficient

Lieutenant Dunn,topographical services.


Colonel Van Derveer,commanding

Lieutenant brigade,praises him highly for

J. W. White,ordnance, Third his courage and efficiency.

Division, Fourteenth Army



W.h. H. Seets,ordnance, Third

Division, Twenty-first Army Colonel Chapman mentions these

Corps. for good conduct.

Lieutenant Moody,aide-de-camp, Second Division, FourteenthArmy Corps. Lieut. A. E. Alden,actingassistant inspector-generalThird Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Army Corps. Lieut. Charles V. Ray,actingassistant adjutant-general, SecondBrigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Army Corps.

Lieut. W. F. Spofford,actingassistant inspector-general. Lieut. J. E. Simpson,aide-de-camp

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Lieutenant J. L. Yaryan, First

Division, Twenty-first Army


Brigadier-General Wood

Lieutenant George mentions these for good

Shaffer,aide-de- conduct.


Lieutenant Major-General Granger says

P. Haldeman,ordnance.... that the rendered efficient

aid and service.


T. G. Beaham,staff, Reserve Major-General Granger names

Corps..................... him as deserving special


Lieutenant Blandin,staff, First

Division, Reserve Corps.

Major-General Reynolds

mentions these for the prompt

Lieutenant and faithful manner they

J. W. Armstrong,ordnance, Fourth discharged their duties.

Division, Fourteenth Army


Lieutenant W. P. Binbridge,aide-

de-camp, Fourth Division,

Fourteenth Army Corps.

Mentioned by Brigadier-General

Lieutenant King for prompt and effective

W. J. Lyster, Nineteenth service.

U. S. Infantry,aide-de-camp,

Third Brigade, First Division,

Fourteenth Army Corps.

Lieutenant H. G. Litchfield,

Eihteenth U. S. Infantry,acting

assistant inspector-general.

Lieutenant J. J. Wagoner,acting

assistant quartermaster.


S. S. Culbertson,acting

commissary of subsistence.