War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0094 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Captain John Crowell,jr.,

assistant adjutant-general,

Second Brigade, Second Mentioned for good conduct by

Division, Twenty-first Army Brigadier-General Hazen.


Captain H. W. Johnson,assistant


Captain James McCleery,acting

assistant inspector-general. Brigadier-General Carlin says,

"Acted as aide-de-camp on the

Captain L. A. Cole,provost- field, and frequently

marshal. volunteered to perform the

most perilous duties."

Captain W. C. Harris, Thirty-

eighth Illinois, Second "Was constantly under fire,

Brigade, First and deserves credit for

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. gallantry and efficiency,"

says Brigadier-General Hazen.

Colonel Berry,commanding,says,

Captain S. P. Voris, Thirty- "Although he received a

eighth Illinois, Second painful wound in the knee,like

Brigade, First a true soldier refused to

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. leave the field."

Colonel Berry,commanding,calls

Captain Strader,staff, Sixth him a brave and earnest

Indiana, Third Brigade, Second officer.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Captain J. E. Jones,staff, First Noticed for good conduct by

Ohio, Third Brigde, Second Colonel Buell,commanding.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Captain Warner, Twenty-sixth

Ohio,staff, First Brigade, First Mentioned by Brigadier-General

Division, Twenty-first Army Cruft for good conduct.


Lieutenant S. Sterne, First

Brigade, First Colonel Miller,commanding,

Division, Twenty-first Army says, "He was continually

Corps. found in the thickets fire,

and where his presence was

Captain W. H. Fairbanks,acting most required."

assistant adjutant-general, Mentioned by Brigadier-General

First Brigade, Second Division, Willich for especial good

Twenty-first Army Corps. conduct.

Captain James

A. Grover,assistant adjutant-general, FirstBrigade, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps.$%Capt. Carl Schmitt,assistant adjutant-general, First Brigade, SecondDivision, Twentieth ArmyCorps.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Captain W. H. Catching,assistant

adjutant-general, Third Mentioned by Colonel Barnes,

Brigade, Third Division,

commanding as deserving of

Twenty-first Army Corps. promotion for good conduct in

aiding to rally the command

Captain John North assistant when forced back.


Captain James G. Elwood,acting

assistant adjutant-general,

First Brigade, First Division, Mentioned by Colonel Buell,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

commanding for good conduct in

Captain William the hottest of the fight.

Baldwin,assistant inspector-


Captain h. Gardner,provost-


Captain B. A. Carroll, Second Mentioned for good conduct by

Brigade, Third Division, Colonel Laiboldt,commanding

Twentieth Army Corps. brigade.

Captain Fuelle,acting

assistant adjutant-general.

Captain Morgan,assistant

inspector-general..... Colonel Laiboldt,commanding

brigade,mentions him for

Captain Gale,assistant gallant conduct.

quartermaster and commissary

of subsistence. Mentioned by Major-General

Sheridan as having rendered

Captain G. Freysleben,staff, valuable services.

Second Brigade, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Specially mentioned for good

Captain Mohrhardt, conduct by Major-General

topographical engineer, Third Crittenden.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Captain Knox,aide-de-camp,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Captain McCook,aide-de-camp,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Colonel Van Derveer commends

Captain J. R. Beatty,assistant them for their efficiency,

adjutant-general, Third personal courage,and energy,

Brigade, Third Division, whose conduct,he says, deserve

Fourteenth Army Corps. more than praise.

Captain E. B. Thoenssen,aide-de-

camp, Third Brigade, Third

Division, Fourteenth Army Corps. Capt. C. A. Cilley,topographicalengineer, Third Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth ArmyCorps.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Lieutenant Burroughs, Mentioned by Major-General

assistant engineer........... Rosecrans,commanding,for the

zeal and ability with which he

discharged his duties. Major-

General McCook also mentions

him for valuable assistance in

rallying the troops.

Lieutenant William

L. Porter,acting aide-de-camp.

Lieutenant James Were on the field of battle.

K. Reynolds,acting aide-de- There,as elsewhere,discharged


their duties with zeal and

Lieutenant M. J. Kelly,chief of energy.


Mentioned by Colonel Connell

Asst. Surg. D. Bache........... for great gallantry.

Lieutenant Jacob C. Donaldson,

Thirty-eighth Ohio, First Specially mentioned for true

Brigade, Third Division, courage and valor by Colonel

Fourteenth Army Corps. Laiboldt,commanding brigade.

Lieutenant Friedrich Colonel Connell specially

Lipps, Second Brigade, Third mentions his "daring and

Division, Twentieth Army coolness," and says, "After

Corps. our lines fell back he

remained at the breastworks,

Lieutenant standing with the colors of

J. M. Ruffner, Seventeenth the Eighty-second Indiana in

Ohio, First Brigade, Third his hands,firing with his

Division, Fourteenth Army revolver upon the enemy.