War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0091 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank, and command. Remarks.

Captain John M.

Farquhar, Eighty-ninth

Illinois, First Brigade, Second

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Major Williams,commanding

Eighty-ninth Illinois,says, "A

Captain H. L. Rowell, Eighty- nation's gratitude is due them

ninth Illinois, First for their conduct."

Brigade, Second

Division, Twentieth Army corps. Deserving of special notice

for praiseworthy conduct.

Captain J. H. M. Jenkins, Twenty-

ninth Indiana, Second Division, Colonel Waters,commanding

Twentieth Army Corps. regiment,mentions him for good


Captain Ervin, Eighty-fourth

Illinois, Third Brigade, Second Colonel Higgins,commanding

Division, Twenty-first Army regiment mentions him for his

Corps. bravery. He was pierced with

two balls and captured by the

Captain Wadsworth, Twenty- enemy.

fourth Ohio, Third Brigade,

Second Division, Twenty-first Colonel Higgins,commanding

Army Corps. regiment,mentions him for

conspicuous bravery,and was

Captain Dryden, Twenty-fourth borne from the field severely

Ohio, Third Brigade, Second wounded.

Division, Twenty-first Army

Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel Foy,

commanding regiment, mentions

Captain Tifft, Twenty-third him for undaunted courage.

Kentucky, Second Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Captain T. J. Williams, Twenty-

third Kentucky, Second

Division, Twenty-first Army Mentioned for good conduct by

Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel Foy,

commanding regiment.

Captain T. J. Williams, Twenty-

third Kentucky, Second


Twenty-first Specially mentioned for

Army Corps. conspicuous gallantry by Major


Captain Hardiman, Twenty-third

Kentucky, Second Division, Captain Smith,commanding

Twenty-first Army Corps. regiment,specially mentions

him for gallant and

Captain Bense, Captain meritorious conduct on both

Thatcher, Captain Russell, days.

Sixth Ohio, Second Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps. Named for good conduct by

Lieutenant-Colonel Embree.

Captain Anson Mills, Eighteenth Infantry, Fourteenth ArmyCorps. Capt. Green McDonald, CaptainGeorge Whitman, Captain WilliamE. Chappell, Fifty-eighthIndiana, First Division, Twenty-first Army Corps. $%

Name,rank, and command. Remarks.

Captain E. P. Bates, One hundred Commended by Colonel Opdycke,

and twenty-fifth Ohio, First commanding regiment,for his

Division, Twenty-first Army colones and efficiency.


Colonel Opdycke,commanding

Captain Yeomans, One hundred regiment,says, "He received a

and twenty-fifth Ohio, First ball in his upper leg, but

Division, Twenty-first Army remained with his company

Corps. during the battle under sever


Specially mentioned as and

Captain Trapp, First Ohio, experienced soldier of tried

Third Brigade, Second Division, courage and ability by

Twentieth Army Corps. Lieutenant-Colonel Langdon,

commanding regiment.

Captain Bope, Captain Barnd, Colonel Swaine, commanding

Ninety-ninth Ohio, Third regiments,specially mentions

Division, Twenty-first Army them for valuable services.


Lieutenant-Colonel Aldrich,

Captain Gunsenhouser, Forty- commanding regiment, speaks of

fourth Indiana, Third Division, him as a brave man, who, at

Twenty-first Army Corps. the head of his company, was

dangerously if not fatally


Captain Curtis, Forty-fourth Mentioned by Lieutenant-

Indiana, Third Division, Colonel Aldrich,commanding

Twenty-first Army Corps. regiment, as especially

deserving,and having fought

like a hero.

Captain Wilson, Forty-fourth

Indiana, Third Division, Twenty- Mentioned by Lieutenant-

first Army Corps. Colonel Aldrich,commanding

regiment,for good conduct.

Captain Hurley, Fifth Kentucky,

Second Division, Twentieth Army


Captain Lindenfesler, Second Mentioned for gallantry by

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Captain Huston,commanding


Captain Wilson, Second

Division, Twentieth Army


Captain John E. Ray, Thirteenth Captain Gosgrove,commanding

Ohio, Second Brigade, Third regiment,specially mentions

Division, Twenty-first Army him for gallant and untiring

Corps. efforts in rallying the men

and encouraging them;this,too,

at a time when he was excused

from field duty.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Captain Brigadier-General King says

R. E. A. Crofton, Sixteenth after the first day's fight he

Infantry, Third Brigade, First acted as aide-de-camp and was

Division, Fourteenth Army of great assistance.


Colonel Laiboldt specially

Captain Knappen, Forty-fourth names him for brave behavior.

Illinois, Second Brigade, Third

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. Specially mentioned by Colonel

Buell,commanding brigade,for

Captain George Estep, Eighth good conduct.

Indiana Battery, First Brigade,

First Division, Twenty-first

Army Corps.

Captain J. P. Willard,aide-de-


Fourteenth Army Corps.

Captain S. C. Keellogg,aide-de- Major-Genera Thomas says were

camp, Fourteenth Army Corps. of great assistance in

conducting the operations of

Captain J. D. Barker, First Ohio his command,the last-named

Cavalry,commanding escort, rendering efficient service as

Fourteenth Army Corps.


Captain W. B. Gaw,chief

topographical engineer,

Fourteenth Army Corps.

Captain G. C. Moody, Nineteenth

Infantry,commissary of

musters, Fourteenth Army