War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0088 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Major Moore,[Fifty-eighth

Indiana, First Brigade, First

Division, Twenty-first Army


Commended for good conduct by

Major Eaton, Thirteenth

Colonel Buell,commanding

Michigan, First Brigade, First brigade.

Division, Twenty-First Army


Major C. M. Hammond, One

hundredth Illinois, First

Brigade, First Division, Twenty-

first Army Corps. Colonel Harker,commanding

brigade,bestows the highest

Major Brennan, Third Kentucky, praise upon his conduct.

Third Brigade, First Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps. Named for good conduct by

Colonel Grose, commanding

Major G. Trusler, Thirty-sixth brigade.

Indiana, Third Brigade, Second

Division, Twenty-first Army Commended for good conduct by

Corps. Colonel Dick, commanding


Major Snider, Thirteenth Ohio,

Second Brigade, Third Division, Brigadier-General Hazen

Twenty-firs Army Corps. commends him for ability and


Major J. B. Hampson, One hundred

and twenty-fourth Ohio, Second

Brigade, Second Division,

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Major McDanald, One hundred and

first Ohio, Second Brigade, Brigadier-General Carlin names

First Division, Twentieth Army these among the most

Corps. conspicuous of those who

proved themselves brave and

Major Calloway, Twenty-first

efficient under the most

Illinois, Second Brigade, First terrible fire, and recommends

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. them to commands of regiments.

Major Henry N. Alden, Thirty-

eighth Illinois, Second Brigadier-General King speaks

Brigade, First Division, in the highest terms of their

Twentieth Army Corps. conduct.

Major S. D. Dawson, Nineteenth

Infantry, Third Brigade, First

Division, Fourteenth Army

Corps. Colonel Sirwell,commanding

brigade,specially mentions him

Major Sidney Coolidge, Sixteenth Infantry, Third Brigade, FirstDivision, Fourteenth ArmyCorps!@#$%Maj. A. McMahan, Twenty-first Ohio, ThirdBrigade, SecondDivision, Fourteenth ArmyCorps. as having fought until disabled by a wound.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Major Higgins, Eleventh Ohio,

Third Brigade, Fourth Division,

Fourteenth Army Corps.

Major Adney, Thirty-sixth Ohio,

Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Specially mentioned for their

Fourteenth Army Corps.

skill and bravery by

Major Golden, Ninety-second Brigadier-General Turchin.

Ohio, Third Brigade, Fourth

Division, Fourteenth Army


Major James Leighton, Forty-

second Illinois, Third Brigade,

Third Division, Twentieth Army Colonel Walworth,commanding


brigade,says, "They deserve

Major Samuel Johnson, Twenty- the thanks of the country for

second Illinois, Third Brigade, their gallantry."

Third Division, Twentieth Army


Mentioned by Colonel Berry,

Major Calvin D. Campbell, Sixth commanding brigade, as always

Indiana, Third Brigade, Second ready to set an example of

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. daring.

Coming command of his regiment

Major von Baumbach, First when the lieutenant-colonel

Brigade, Third Division, fell into the hands of the

Twentieth Army Corps. enemy,acquitted himself,says

Colonel Miller, commanding

brigade with great honor.

Major-General Thomas commends

him for the assistance he

Major Walker E. Lawrence, First rendered him as chief of

Ohio Artillery, Fourteenth artillery, Fourteenth Army

Army Corps. Corps.

Colonel Harrison,commanding

Major J. D. Evans, Thirty-ninth regiment,mentions him for

Indiana, Second Division, gallant conduct.

Twentieth Army Corps.

Mentioned for good conduct by

Major G. W. Northup, Twenty-third Lieutenant-Colonel Foy,

Kentucky, Second Division, commanding regiment.

Twenty-first Army Corps.

Specially mentioned for his

maj. J. H. Williston, Forty-first gallantry in action by Colonel

Ohio, Second Division, Twenty- Wiley.

first Army Corps.

Colonel J. B. Culver,commanding

Major W. G. Eaton, Thirteenth regiment,calls special

Michigan, First Division, Twenty-first Army Corps!@#$% attention to his gallant and soldierly conduct.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Major Nash, Nineteenth Ohio, Lieutenant-Colonel Stratton,

First Brigade, Third Division, commanding regiment, specially

Twenty-first Army Corps. mentions him for efficient


Major Deface, Ninety-ninth

Ohio, Third Brigade, Third Colonel Swaine,commanding

Division, Twenty-first Army regiment,specially mentions

Corps. him for good conduct.

Major Frank S. Bond,senior Says Major-General Rosecrans,

aide-de-camp........... commanding, "Deserves very

honorable mention for the very

efficient discharge of his

duties always,and especially

during the battle."

Major William McMichael, Was on the field of battle,

assistant adjutant-general. and there as elsewhere

discharged his duties with

zeal and ability,says Major-

General Rosecrans,commanding.

Dr. G. Perin,medical director...

Were in the battle and

Dr. H. H. Seys,medical

discharged their duties with

inspector... zeal and ability,says Major-

General Rosecrans,commanding.