War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0085 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Colonel J. B. Culver, Thirteenth Mentioned for good conduct by

Michigan, First Brigade, First Colonel Buell, commanding

Division, Twenty-first Army brigade.


Colonel Harker,commanding

Lieutenant Colonel brigade,says the country is

H. N. Whitbeck, Third indebted to him for gallant

Brigade, First Division, Twenty- and distinguished services.

First Army Corps.

Colonel Grose,commanding

Colonel D. J. Higgins, Twenty- brigade,makes special mention

fourth Ohio, Third of him for good conduct.

Brigade, Second

Division, Twenty-first Army Commended by Colonel Post,

Corps. commanding brigade, for good

Colonel M. Gooding, Colonel conduct.


Brigadier-General Hazen says

Colonel John E. Bennett, Colonel the country cannot too highly

Winters, First Brigade, First cherish his services.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Colonel Scribner, commanding

Colonel I. C. B. Suman, Ninth brigade, speaks of him as

Indiana, Second Brigade, Second worthy of special mention.

Division, Twenty-first Army

Corps. Brigadier-General Starkweather

says, "These officers are

Colonel O. F. Moore, Thirty-third entitled to the greatest

Ohio, First Brigade, First praise for their coolness and

Division, Fourteenth Army bravery."


Colonel G. Mihalotzy, Colonel

H. A. Hambright, Second

Brigade, First Colonel Van Derveer calls

Division, Fourteenth Army particular attention to the

Corps. conduct of these officers, and

speaks of their conduct with

great commendation.

Colonel James George, Second

Minnesota, Third Brigade, Third

Division, Fourteenth Army


Colonel G. Kammerling, Ninth

Ohio, Third Brigade, Third

Division, Fourteenth Army Brigadier-General Turchin

Corps. commends them for their


Colonel N. Gleason, Eighty-

seventh Indiana, Third Brigade, Colonel Connell mentions him

Third Division, Fourteenth Army for heroic conduct,under his

Corps. own personal observation,in

Col. P. P. Lane, Eleventh Ohio, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Fourteenth Army Corps.

Col. B. D. Fearing, Ninety-second Ohio, Third Brigade, Fourth Division, Fourteenth ArmyCorps. Col. M. C. Hunter, Eighty-secondIndiana, First Brigade, ThirdDivision, Fourteenth ArmyCorps. making a charge upon the enemy.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Colonel A. Beck, Second Specially mentioned as

Missouri, deserving by Colonel Laiboldt,

Second Brigade, Third commanding brigade.

Division, Twentieth Army

Corps. Major-General Thomas says that

as provost-marshal,at the head

Colonel J. G. Parkhurst, Ninth of his regiment,he did most

Michigan, Fourteenth Army valuable service in

Corps. reorganizing the troops that

had been driven from the


Major-General McCook highly

compliments him and his

Colonel T. J. Harrison, Thirty- regiment,for arduous and

ninth Indiana important service.

(mounted), Twentieth Army

Corps. "Brave,prompt,and energetic in

action," says Major-General

Lieutenant Colonel Rosecrans, commanding.

A. C. Ducat,chief assistant

inspector-general. "Where in the battle,and

discharged their duties with

ability and to my entire

Lieutenant Colonel satisfaction," says Major-

S. Simmons,chief commissary of General Rosecrans,commanding.


Lieutenant Colonel "Where on the field of

H. C. Hodges,chief battle,and there,as elsewhere,

quartermaster. discharged their duties with

zeal and ability," says Major-

General Rosecrans,commanding.

Lieutenant Colonel

C. Goddard,assistant adjutant- Rendered efficient and


valuable services,especially

Lieutenant Colonel on the 20th,in covering the

W. M. Willes,provost- movements of the retiring

marshal............ trains on the Dry Valley road,

and stopping the stragglers

from the fight.

Lieutenant Colonel

W. M. Ward, Tenth Ohio, Commended for good conduct by

headquarters provost guard. Major-General Palmer,who says

he received a painful wound in

the arm on the 19th, but

refused to quit his command,

and fought thorough both days.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis

L. Neff,

Thirty-first Indiana, Second These were wounded and are

Division, Twenty-first Army reported by Major-General

Corps. Lieutenant Col. John Weber, FifteenthMissouri, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieut. Col. John Russell, Forty-fourth Illinois, Third Division, Twentieth ArmyCorps. Sheridan as having especially distinguished themselves, thelast-named as beingcaptured!@#$%

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Lieutenant Colonel These were wounded and are

T. S. West, Twenty-fourth reported by Major-General

Wisconsin, Third

Sheridan as having especially

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. distinguished themselves, the

last-named as being captured.

Was wounded on Saturday, but

Lieutenant Colonel remained with his command

O. H. P. Carey, Thirty-sixth during the day, and is

Indiana, Second Division, mentioned by Major-General

Twenty-first Army Corps. Palmer as having "behaved with

great courage."

Lieutenant Colonel

S. B. Raymond, Fifty-first

Illinois, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel Are named by Major-General

J. A. Hottenstein, Sheridan as having especially

Forty-second Illinois, Third distinguished themselves.

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel

F. Swanwick, Twenty-second

Illinois, Third

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel

W. A. Schmitt, Twenty-seventh

Illinois, Third

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel

A. S. Chadbourhe, Eighty-eighth

Illinois, Third

Division, Twentieth Army Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel

P. C. Olson, Thirty-sixth

Illinois, Third Division,

Twentieth Army Corps.