War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0083 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Colonel Charles G. Harker, Third Brigadier-General Wood says,

Brigade, First Division, Twenty- "In my report of the battle of

first Army Corps. Stone's River I especially

signalized the service of

Colonel Harker, commanding

Third Brigade of my division,

and earnestly recommend him

for promotion both as a reward

merit and an act of simple

justice. In the late campaign

he has particularly

distinguished himself; I

earnestly recommend him for

immediate promotion to the

rank of brigadier-general."

Major-General Crittenden calls

"attention to the brilliant

conduct" of Colonel Harker and

compliments him highly for

"the skill with which ha

managed his command." Major-

General Thomas speaks of him

as "the brave" Colonel Harker

who "most nobly sustained"

Brannan's left.

Colonel George P. Buell, Fifty-

eighth Indiana, Third Brigade, Brigadier-General Wood speaks

First Division, Twenty-first of him as commander of the

Army Corps. First Brigade of his division

and says that "he bore himself

with great gallantry, and with

a little more experience would

make an excellent brigadier

and should receive promotion."

Major-General Thomas calls him

"the brave Buell," who most

nobly sustained Brannan's

Colonel W. W. Berry, Fifth left.


Third Brigade, Second Brigadier-General Johnson

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. says, "He behaved with so much

coolness and displayed of his

brigade that I hope he may be

promoted at once. He first

joined the troops under

Rousseau after the first

outbreak of the rebellion, and

has participated in all the

battles and skirmishes of his

regiment with distinguished

gallantry." Major-General

McCook joins earnestly and

strongly in the recommendation of Brigadier-General Johnson.

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Colonel J. C. McKibbin,aide-de- "Always efficient,gallant, and

camp.... untiring, and fearless in

battle," says Major-General


Major-General McCook also

notices him for "valuable

assistance in rallying the


Colonel James Barnett,chief of Major-General Rosecrans,

artillery..... commanding, says, "Colonel

Barneet was in the battle and

discharged his duties with

ability and entire


Colonel William J. Palmer, Major-General

Fifteenth Pennsylvania Rosecrans,speaking of him and

Cavalry. his command,says, "They have

rendered very valuable service

in keeping open communications

and watching the movements of

the enemy,which deserves my

warmest thanks."

Colonel John P. Sanderson, Major-General Rosecrans,

acting aide-de-camp.... commanding, says, "I must not

omit Colonel J. P. Sanderson, of

the regular infantry, who,

having lately joined us, on

those two days of battle acted

as aide-de-camp and carried

orders to the hottest portions

of the field."

Colonel Dan McCook, Second Major-General Granger says

Brigade, Second "that although commanding a

Division, Reserve Corps. brigade not in the battle it

had a very important position

protecting the rear of those

who were fighting," and that

he "properly and promptly

carried out all orders and

instructions." Major-General

Thomas speaks of him as having

"kept a large force of the

enemy's cavalry, and with his

battery materially aided

Turchin's handsome charge on

the enemy, who had closed on

our left."

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Colonel L. P. Bradley, Fifty- Major-General Sheridan speaks

first Illinois, Third of him as having been twice

Brigade, Third severely wounded in the action

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. of the 19th and greatly

distinguished himself as

commander of the Third Brigade

of his division,and recommends

him for promotion, in which

Major-General McCook joins


Colonel William Grose, Thirty- Major-General Palmer commends

sixth Indiana, Third his conduct as entirely

Brigade, Second satisfactory,and Major-General

Division, Twenty-first Army Crittended calls attention to

Corps. his distinguished services.

Colonel Bernard Major-General Sheridan says

Laiboldt, Second that "Colonel Laiboldt,

Missouri, Second Brigade, Third commanding my Second Brigade,

Division, Twentieth Army Corps. behaved with conspicuous

gallantry in the action of the

20th," and recommends him for

promotion,in which Major-

General McCook fully unites.

Colonel T. R. Stanley, Second Major-General Negley speaks of

Brigade, Second Division, his conduct as highly

Fourteenth Army Corps. creditable. Major-General

Thomas says that he,with one

of Negley's brigades, bravely

supported Baird's left the

morning of Sunday,and was

"struck by the fragment of a

shell and disabled in the


Colonel S. M. Barnes, Eighth Brigadier-General Van Cleve

Kentucky, Third Brigade, Third speaks of him as

Division, Twenty-first Army "cool,intrepid,and judicious,"

Corps. who has proven himself on all

occasions an able commander,

and has well earned promotion.

Major-General Crittenden also

commends him highly.