War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0081 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Major General Thomas Major-General Rosecrans,

L. Crittenden, Twenty-first commanding,says, "I bear

Army Corps. testimony to the high-

hearted,noble Major-General

Crittenden. Prompt in the

moving and reporting the

position of his troops, always

fearless on the field of

battle, I return my thanks for

the promptness and military

good sense with which he sent

his division toward the noise

of battle on the 19th.

Commanded for the ability with

Major General John which he handled his command

M. Palmer, Second by both Major-Generals

Division, Twenty-first Army Crittenden and Thomas.

Corps. Commended for the ability with

which he conducted his command

Major General by Major-General Thomas.

J. J. Reynolds, Fourth

Division, Fourteenth Army Major-General McCook thanks

Corps. him for his earnest co-

operation and attention to

Major General Philip duty, and says, "I commend him

H. Sheridan, to his country."

Third Division, Twentieth Army Is commended for the ability

Corps. with which he commanded by

Major-General Thomas.

Major-General Crittenden says,

Brig. General John M. Brannan, "With pride I point to the

Third Division, Fourteenth service of Brigadier-General

Army Corps. Wood," and Major-General

Thomas names him as having

Brig. General Thomas J. Wood, "with two brigades of his

Firs Division, Twenty-first division nobly sustained

Army Corps. Richard W. Johnson." Is

commended for the ability with

which he handled command; and

Major-General McCook says his

"thanks are due to him for his

earnest co-operation and

devotion to duty,"commends him

to his country, and recommends

his promotion.

Major-General Rosecrans,

commanding, acknowledges

himself "especially indebted

for the clear and ready manner

with which he seized the

Brig. General James A. Garfield, points of action and

chief of staff.... movements, and expressed in

orders the ideas of the general commanding." Wa W Wa W WAs Wa W W W W

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

Brig. General J. St. Clair "Was in the battle and

Morton, chief engineer... discharged his duties with

ability and to my entire

satisfaction, "says Major-

General Rosecrans,commanding.

Brig. General Richard Major-General McCook thanks

W. Johnson, Second Division, him for his earnest co-

Twentieth Army Corps. operation and devotion to

duty, commends him to the

country,a nd recommends him to

his superior for promotion.

Major-General Thomas names him

as having fought most

gallantly on both days, and

ably handled his troops.

Brig. General Jefferson Is commended to his country

C. Davis, First Division, and recommended for promotion

Twentieth Army Corps. by Major-General McCook.

Is commended for the ability

Brig. General Absalom Baird, with which he handled his

First Division, Fourteenth Army command by Major-General

Corps. Thomas.

Major-General Thomas speaks of

Brig. General James B. Steedman, him as having "valiantly

First Division, Reserve Corps. maintained Brannan's right,"

and Major-General Granger

calls attention "to the

bravery and gallantry

displayed during the battle"

by him, and says "he

fearlessly rushed into the

midst of danger and was ever

present with his troops,

handling them with ease,

rallying them, and encouraging

them, and established order

and confidence."

Brigadier-General Johnson says

Brig. General August Willich, "he was always in the right

First Brigade, Second place, and by his individual

Division, Twentieth Army daring rendered the country

Corps. great service." "This gallant

old veteran deserves

promotion, and I hope may

receive it." Major-General

Thomas speaks of him as having

nobly sustained his reputation

as a soldier. Major-General

McCook joins General Johnson

in recommending his promotion.

Major-General Thomas says he

"bravely supported Baird's

Brig. General John Beatty, FirstBrigade, Second Division, Fourteenth Army Corps. left in the morning of Sunday" Sunday," " Sunday,"

Name,rank,and command. Remarks.

and Major-General Negley says

he "gallantly remained upon

the field of battle in command

of scattered troops after most

of his brigade had been driven

from it and separated from him

by the charge of the enemy."

Brigadier-General Brannans

says he "gave great assistance

in rallying the troops and

keeping them in position."

Brig. General J. B. Turchin, Major-General Reynolds speaks

Third Brigade, Fourth Division, of him as having handled his

Fourteenth Army Corps. brigade with skill and

judgment, and no instance of

confusion or disorder


Brig. General W. C. Whitaker, Major-General Granger speaks

First Brigade, First Division, of him as conspicuous for his

Reserve Corps. bravery and activity, managing

his troops well, and

contributing much to our


Brig. General John H. King, Brigadier-General Baird speaks

Third Brigade, First Division, of him as deserving a debt of

Fourteenth Army Corps. great gratitude for the

courage displayed in the fight

and good judgment with which

he handled his troops, and

that the performance of his

command on Saturday morning

was particularly brilliant.