War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0032 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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No. 163.-Lieutenant Norman A. Baldwin, Battery B, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 164.-Brig. General William B. Hazen, U. S. Army,commanding Second Brigade.

No. 165.-Colonel Isaac C. B. Suman, Ninth Indiana Infantry.

No. 166.-Major Richard Th. Whitaker, Sixth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 167.-Colonel Aquila Wiley, Forty-first Ohio Infantry.

No. 168.-Major James B. Hampson, One hundred and twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry.

No. 169.-Lieutenant Giles J. Cockerill, Battery F, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 170.-Colonel William Grose, Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 171.-Colonel Louis H. Waters, Eighty-fourth Illinois Infantry.

No. 172.-Major Gilbert Trusler, Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry.

No. 173.-Lieutenant Colonel James C. Foy, Twenty-third Kentucky Infantry.

No. 174.-Major Samuel C. Erwin, Sixth Ohio Infantry.

No. 175.-Colonel David J. Higgins, Twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry.

No. 176.-Lieutenant Harry C. Cushing, Battery H, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 177.-Lieutenant Francis L. D. Russell, Battery M, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 178.-Brig. General Horatio P. Van Cleve, U. S. Army,commanding Third Division.

No. 179.-Captain George R. Swallow, Seventh Indiana Battery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 180.-Brig. General Samuel Beatty, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 181.-Colonel Frederick Knefler, Seventy-ninth Indiana Infantry.

No. 182.-Colonel George H. Cram, Ninth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 183.-Colonel Alexander M. Stout, Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 184.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry G. Stratton, Ninteenth Ohio Infantry.

No. 185.-Lieutenant Samuel M. McDowell, Twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Battery.

No. 186.-Colonel George F. Dick, Eighty-sixth Indiana Infantry,commanding Second Brigade.

No. 187.-Lieutenant Colonel Simeon C. Aldrich, Forty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

No. 188.-Major Jacob C. Dick, Eighty-sixth Indiana Infantry.

No. 189.-Captain Horatio G. Cosgrove, Thirteenth Ohio Infantry.

No. 190.-Lieutenant Colonel Granville A. Frambes, Fifty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 191.-Captain George R. Swallow, Seventh Indiana Battery.

No. 192.-Colonel Sidney M. Barnes, Eighth Kentucky Infantry,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 193.-Major John P. Dufficy, Thirty-fifth Indiana Infantry.

No. 194.-Major John. S. Clark, Eighth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 195.-Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Wood, Fity-first Ohio Infantry.

No. 196.-Colonel Peter T. Swaine, Ninety-ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 197.-Lieutenant Cortland Livingston, Third Wisconsin Battery.

No. 198.-Major General Gordon Granger, U. S. Army,commanding Reserve Corps.

No. 199.-Brig. General James B. Steedman, U. S. Army,commanding First Division.

No. 200.-Brig. General Walter C. Whitaker, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 201.-Colonel Thomas E. Champion, Ninety-sixth Illinois Infantry.

No. 202.-Captain Isaac C. Nelson, Eighty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 203.-Colonel John G. Mitchell, One hundred and thirteenth Ohio Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 204.-Lieutenant Colonel Carter Van Vleck, Seventy-eighth Illinois Infantry.

No. 205.-Lieutenant George Green, Seventy-eighth Illinois Infantry.

No. 206.-Colonel Daniel McCook, Fifty-second Ohio Infantry,commanding Second Brigade, Second Division.

No. 207.-Colonel Caleb J. Dilworth, Eighty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

No. 208.-Lieutenant Colonel David W. Magee, Eighty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

No. 209.-Colonel Oscar F. Harmon, One hundred and twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

No. 210.-Major James T. Holmes, Fifty-second Ohio Infantry.