War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0030 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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Numbers 70.-Captain Eli Lilly, Eighteenth Indiana Battery.

Numbers 71.-Colonel Edward A. King, Sixty-eighth Indiana Infantry,commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 72.-Itinerary of the Second Brigade.

Numbers 73.-Captain Samuel J. Harris, Nineteenth Indiana Battery.

Numbers 74.-Lieutenant Robert S. Lackey, Nineteenth Indiana Battery.

Numbers 75.-Brig. General John B. Turchin, U. S. Army,commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 76.-Lieutenant Colonel Hubbard K. Milward, Eighteenth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 77.-Captain John B. Heltemes, Eighteenth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 78.-Colonel Philander P. Lane, Eleventh Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 79.-Lieutenant Colonel Hiram F. Devol, Thirty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 80.-Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Putnam,jr., Ninety-second Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 81.-Lieutenant William E. Chess, Twenty-first Indiana Battery.

Numbers 82.-Major General Alexander McD. McCook, U. S. Army, commanding Twentieth Army Corps.

Numbers 83.-Surg. Jabez Perkins, Tenth Kentucky Infantry, Acting Medical Director.

Numbers 84.-Brig. General Jafferson C. Davis, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 85.-Captain William A. Hotchkiss, Second Minnesota Battery, Chief of Artillery.

Numbers 86.-Colonel P. Sidney Post, Fifty-ninth Illinois Infantry,commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 87.-Lieutenant Colonel Joshua C. Winters, Fifty-ninth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 88.-Colonel John E. Bennett, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 89.-Lieutenant Colonel William M. Kilgour, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 90.-Colonel Michael Gooding, Twenty-second Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 91.-Captain George Q. Garner, Fifth Wisconsin Battery.

Numbers 92.-Brig. General William P. Carlin, U. S. Army,commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 93.-Captain Chester K. Knight, Twenty-first Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 94.-Captain William C. Harris, Thirty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 95.-Major James E. Calloway, Twenty-first Illinois Infantry, commanding Eighty-first Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 96.-Captain Leonard D. Smith, One hundred and first Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 97.-Colonel John A. Martin, Eighth Kansas Infantry,commanding Third Brigade.'

Numbers 98.-Lieutenant Colonel James L. Abernathy, Eighth Kansas Infantry.

Numbers 99.-Captain Mons Grinager, Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry.

No. 100.-Brig. General Richard W. Johnson, U. S. Army,commanding Second Division.

No. 101.-Captain Peter Simonson, Fifth Indiana Battery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 102.-Brig. General August Willich, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 103.-Major William D. Williams, Eighty-ninth Illinois Infantry.

No. 104.-Lieutenant Colonel Frank Erdelmeyer, Thirty-second Indiana Infantry.

No. 105.-Colonel Thomas J. Harrison, Thirty-ninth Indiana (Mounted) Infantry.

No. 106.-Lieutenant Colonel Frank Askew, Fifteenth Ohio Infantry.

No. 107.-Major Samuel F. Gray, Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 108.-Captain Wilbur F. Goodspeed, Battery A, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 109.-Colonel Joseph B. Dodge, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 110.-Colonel Allen Buckner, Seventy-ninth Illinois Infantry.

No. 111.-Lieutenant Colonel David M. Dunn, Twenty-ninth Indiana Infantry.

No. 112.-Lieutenant Colonel Orrin D. Hurd, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry.

No. 113.-Captain Edward Grosskopff, Twentieth Ohio Battery.

No. 114.-Colonel William W. Berry, Fifth Kentucky Infantry,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 115.-Major Calvin D. Campbell, Sixth Indiana Infantry.