War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0029 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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No. 27.-Brig. General John H. King, U. S. Army,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 28.-Captain Albert B. Dod, Fifteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 29.-Captain Robert E. A. Crofton, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 30.-Captain George W. Smith, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 31.-Captain Henry Haymond, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 32.-Lieutenant Robert Ayres, Nineteenth U. S. Infantry.

No. 33.-Lieutenant Joshua A. Fessenden, Battery H, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

No. 34.-Major General James S. Negley, U. S. Army,commanding Second Division.

No. 35.-Captain Frederick Schultz, First Ohio Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 36.-Brig. General John Beatty, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 37.-Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hapeman, One hundred and fourth Illinois Infantry.

No. 38.-Captain Lyman Bridges, Bridges'Battery, Illinois Light Artillery.

No. 39.-Colonel Timothy R. Stanley, Eighteenth Ohio Infantry,commanding Second Brigade.

No. 40.-Colonel William L. Stoughton, Eleventh Michigan Infantry,

commanding Second Brigade.

No. 41.-Captain Frederick Schultz, Battery M, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 42.-Colonel William Sirwell, Seventy-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 43.-Lieutenant Colonel William D. Ward, Thirty-seventh Indiana Infantry.

No. 44.-Major Arnold McMahan and Captain Charles H. Vantine, Twenty-first Ohio Infantry.

No. 45.-Captain Joseph Fisher, Seventy-fourth Ohio Infantry.

No. 46.-Captain Alexander Marshall, Battery G, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 47.-Brig. General John M. Brannan, U. S. Army,commanding Third Division.

No. 48.-Captain Josiah W. Church, First Michigan Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery.

No. 49.-Colonel John M. Connell, Seventeenth Ohio Infantry,commanding First Brigade.

No. 50.-Captain Josiah W. Church, Battery D, First Michigan Light Artillery.

No. 51.-Colonel Charles W. Chapman, Seventy-fourth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 52.-Lieutenant Colonel Myron Baker, Seventy-Fourth Indiana Infantry.

No. 53.-Colonel William H. Hays, Tenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 54.-Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel C. Wharton, Tenth Kentucky Infantry.

No. 55.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry D. Kingsbury, Fourteenth Ohio Infantry.

No. 56.-Lieutenant Marco B. Gary, Battery C, First Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 57.-Colonel Ferdinand Van Derveer, Thirty-fifth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 58.-Colonel James George, Second Minnesota Infantry.

No. 59.-Lieutenant Colonel Henry V. N. Boynton, Thirty-fifth Ohio Infantry.

No. 60.-Lieutenant Frank G. Smith, Battery I, Fourth U. S. Artillery.]

No. 61.-Major General Joseph J. Reynolds, U. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division.

No. 62.-Captain Samuel J. Harris, Nineteenth Indiana Battery, Acting Chief of Artillery.

No. 63.-Colonel John T. Wilder, Seventeenth Indiana Infantry,commanding First Brigade (Mounted Infantry).

No. 64.-Colonel Abram O. Miller, Seventy-second Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade (Mounted Infantry).

No. 65.-Colonel Smith D. Atkins, Ninety-second Illinois (Mounted) Infantry.

No. 66.-Lieutenant Colonel Edward Kitchell, Ninety-eighth Illinois (Mounted) Infantry.

No. 67.-Colonel James Monroe, One hundred and twenty-third Illinois (Mounted) Infantry.

No. 68.-Major William T. Jones, Seventeenth Indiana (Mounted) Infantry.

No. 69.-Colonel Abram O. Miller, Seventy-second Indiana (Mounted) Infantry.