War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0682 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

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Organization of the Army of Northern Virginia, General R. E. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding, August 31, 1863.


Lieutenant General JAMES LONGSTREET.


Major General L. McLAWS.

Kershaw's Bregade.


2nd South Carolina, Colonel John D. Kennedy.

3rd Soouth Carolina, Colonel James D. Nance.

7th South Carolina, Colonel D. Wyatt Aiken.

8th South Carolina, Colonel John W. Henagan.

15th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph F. Gist.

3rd South Carolina Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Rice.

Humphreys' Brigade.*

Brigadier General B. G. HUMPHREYS.

13th Mississippi, Colonel John W. Carter.

17th Mississippi, Colonel W. D. Holder.

18th Mississippio, Colonel Thomas M. Greffin.

22st Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Brendon.

Wofford's Brigade.

Brigadier General W. T. WOFFORD.

16th Georgia, Colonel Goode Bryan.

18th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel S. Z. Ruff.

24th Georgia, Colonel Robert McMillan.

Cobb's (Georgia) Legion, Lieutenant Colonel Luther J. Glenn.

Phillips (Georgia) Legion, Lieutenant Colonel E. S. Barclay.

3rd Georia Battalion Sharpshooters, Major P. E. Davant.

Semmes' (late) Brigade.


10th Georgia, Colonel John B. Weems.

50th Georgia, Colonel W. R. Manning.

51st Georgia, Colonel E. Ball.

53rd Georgia, Colonel James P. Simms.


Major General GEORGE E. PICKETT,

Corse's Brigsde.

Brigadier General M. D. CORSE.

15th Virginia, Colonel T. P. August.

17th Virginia, Colonel Morton Marye.

29th Virginia, Colonel James Giles.

30th Virginia, Colonel A. T. Harrison.

Armistead's Breigade.

Colonel W. R. AYLETT,

9th Virginia, Colonel J. J. Phillips.

14th Virginia, Colonel William W hite.

38th Virginia, Colonel E. C. Edmonds.

53rd Virginia, Colonel W. R. Aylett.

57th Virginia, Colonel C. R. Fontaine.

Hunton's Brigade.+

Brigadier General EPPA HUNTON.

8th Virinia, Lieutenant Colonel N. Berkeley.

18th Virginia, Colonel R. E. Withers.

19th Virginia, Colonel Henry Gantt.

28th Virginia, Colonel William Watts.

56th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel P. P. Slaughter.

Kempor's Brigade.

Colonel JOSEPH MAYO, jr.

1st Virginia, Colonel Frederick G. Skimmer.

3rd Virginia, Colonel Joseph Mayo, jr.

7th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel C. C. Flowerree.

11th Virginia, Colonel David Funsten.

24th Virginia, Colonel W illiam R. Terry.


*Assigned, August 17, by General Lee.

+Assigned, August 15, by General Lee.