War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0598 OPERATIONS IN N.C., VA.,W.VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

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of this meeting to the following counties, viz: Charles C. Pool, to Chowan; Andrew J. Perry, to Gates; John H. Perry, to Perquimans; J. B. Shaw, to Camden; and C. L. Cobb, to Currituck.

On motion, the meeting adjourned, to be called together by the chairman whenever he might deem it advisable.

(Signed by W. G. Pool, chairman; Isaiah Fearing, secretary; Benoni Cartright, John W. Graves, Jesse M. Rhoses, Charles Meeds, Marmaduke Rhodes, James Gannon, Barney Perry, et al.)

ELIZABETH CITY, December 26, 1863.

I certify on honor that the above list of names is a true copy, as handed to me by each committee from each district.



Abstract from return of the Army of the Potomac, Major General John Sedqwick, U. S. Army, commanding, for the mouth of December, 1863.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate


General headquarters 71 743 947

Engineer troops 37 1,041 1,358

Artillery Reserve 85 2,649 3,015

First Army Corps 516 11,081 13,433

Second Army Corps 587 10,505 12,382

Third Army Corps 655 14,638 17,474

Fifth Army Corps 582 11,036 12,914

Sixth Army Corps 676 13,429 16,530

Cavalry Corps 494 12,889 16,088

Total 3,703 78,011 94,151

Pieces of artillery.

Command. Aggregate Heavy. Field.

present and


General headquarters 1,970 --- ---

Engineer troops 1,843 --- ---

Artillery Reserve 3,501 8 78

First Army Corps 21,161 --- 28

Second Army Corps 22,340 --- 31

Third Army Corps 26,294 --- 46

Fifth Army Corps 19,618 --- 32

Sixth Army Corps 23,558 --- 46

Cavalry Corps 25,923 --- 30

Total 146,208 8 291

a Includes staff, provost-guard, and signal corps.

Orgnization of the Army of the Potomac, Major General John Sedgwick, U. S. Army,* commanding, December 31, 1863.



Brigadier General MARSENA R. PATRICK.

1st Maryland Cavalry, Captain Joseph H. Cook.

80th New York (20th Militia), Colonel Theodore B. Gates.

93rd New York, Major Samuel McConihe.

1st U. S. Cavalry (squadron), Captain Isaac R. Dunkelberger.

2nd, 5th, and 6th United States and 1st Maine Cavalry (detachments from).


Brigadier General HENRY W. BENHAM.

15th New York (battalion), Major William A. Ketchum.

50th New York, Colonel William H. Petters.




*Major General Georgie G. Meade temporarily absent.