War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0597 Chapter XLI. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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At a meeting of the citizens of Pasquotank County, N. C., held at the court-house in Elizabeth City, December 19, 1863, Dr. William G. Pool being called to the chair and Isaih Fearing selected secretary, a committee consisting of George W. Brooks, John C. Ehringhause, R. F. Overman, William H. Clark, an (by motion) William G. Pool were appointed to present suitable matter for the action of this meeting.

Being called upon, George W. Brooks, chairman, submitted the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously and enthusiastically adopted:

Whereas the county of Paquotank has suffered immensely since the fall of Roanoke Island, without aid or protection from any source; and whereas we have been lately visited, by order of General Benjamin F. Butler, by such force and under such circumstances as to cause universal panic and distress; and whereas we have been assured by General E. A. Wild, in command of this force that he woll continue to operate here, even to the destruction, if necessary,of every species of property for the purpose of "ridding this county of partisan rangers;" and whereas we believe that these rangers cannot be of any service to us, but that their further presence here will bring upon us speedy and inevitable ruin; and whereas we are promised to be "let these rangers be removed or disbanded and return quietly home, and, further, if that species of business known as "blocade running" be desisted from: Therefore, in view of these facts and of this condition of things,

Resolved, That we earnestly petition the Governor and Legislature of North Carolina, satisfied that you cannot protect us with any force at your command, to remove or disband these few rangers; on motion,

Resolved, That we denounce that species of business carried on here by private citizens for private gain known as "blocade running," and that we will hereafter use our best efforts to suppress such trade.

On motion, Barney Berry, Dr. J. J. Shannonhouse, John D. Markham, Thomas I. Murden, B. F. Whitehurst, Timothy Hunter, Frank Vaughan, and D. D. Raper, being one from each captain's district in the county, were appointed to obtain the signature of every male citizen in the county above the age of eighteen years to this application to the Governor and Legislature of North Carolina and to General B. F. Butler.

On motion, Jerry Wilcox and C. L. Cobb were appointed to furnish to the above committee, from the census returns and other sources, the names of all whtie males in this county above the ages of eighteen years.

On motion, William H. Clark, Dr. J.j. Shannonhouse, and Richard B. Creecy were appointed a committee to bear these proceedings to the Governor and Legislature of North Carolina, and to ask their immediate attention to the same.

On motion, a committee consisting of George W. Brooks, George D. Pool, and John J. Grandy was appointed to bear the proceedings to General B. F. Butler, at Fort Monroe, and to leaern of him whether the removal of partisan rangers from this county,and the ceasing of all persons in this county to run the blocade, will secure us, through him, from raids by United States horses through this county and the further destruction of our property.

On motion, George W. F. Dashiel and Reuben F. Overman were appointed a committee to raise funds to defray the expenses of the committee to Raleigh and Fort Monroe.

On motion, the following persons were appointed to bear the proceedings