War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0504 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA.

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caution against the movements of the enemy. Ammunition must be brought up and issued during the night. The mules can be taken from the wagons and parked if necessary.

By command of Major-General French:


Lieutenant-Colonel, and Assistant Adjutant-General.

(Same to Brigadier-General Prince and Carr.)


November 27, 1863-7 p.m.


Your last dispatch has just reached me. My left is at the intersection of the road taken by Gregg from Ely's Ford with the Germanna plank road, at the point wehre I turn to the right to get on the Orange and Fredericksburg plank road. My whole command is stretched on the Germanna plank road and was before I received your dispatch. I supposed General Warren's left would probably come to where the old turnpike crossed the Germanna road,and therefore I aimed to put my right there. It, however, extends nearly the length of a division to the right in the direction of Germanna Ford.

I am literally in the wilderness; the woods admit of no formation whatever. There must be a considerable interval between my right and Warren's left, and he ought to close it the first thing in the morning. Newton expects to get on this side of the river and encamp near Vaucluse Mine. Gregg has passed on in the direction of Parker's Store. I requested him to picket down the Orange and Fredericksburg plank road beyond where it meets the Germanna road. My left is 1 1/2 miles from that intersection.

Some citizens said to one of my officers that Hood's division was in Fredericksburg. Mr. Wikoff, whom the general remembers, judges from what the rebel pickets told him that their cavalry is on a line from Hamilton's Crossing to Hanover Junction, and from the latter to Orange Court-House.

I have no position at all, and could get none in the darkness and thick of the woods. I would be glad to receive instructions for to-morrow as early as possible, for I want to get in a better country than I now am. the approches to the river at Culpeper Ford are tolerable (with some trouble, the artillery can get along pretty well). Woods cover them on the north side-it is open the south side. The banks are of equal height, and have good command, better on the south than north. Newton's pickets cannot possibly connect with mine from his position in rear.




November 27, 1863-7.30 a.m.

[General HUMPHREYS:]

Your dispatch by Captain Mason is just received. I know of no way to connect with Warren except on an interior road in my