War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0469 Chapter XLI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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anything relating to a hospital or its officers cannot be remedied without his attention.

5. Three of the board shall constitute a sufficient number to conduct an inspection, and every general hospital in the department is to be visited once in thirty days, and as much oftener as, in the judgment of the Board, it may be expedient. These visits will be made with or without previous notice to the surgeons in charge, as the Board may at any time determine.

6. Generally, in the spirit of the above instructions, the inspectors are to regard the good condition of the hospitals as committed to their keeping, and are to have an eye on everything connected with them that concerns the welfare of the patients and the needs of the military service. It is desired, however, that they shall so act that, as far as it is possible consistently with their duties, they shall not be antagonistic to, but co-operative with, the surgeons in charge for the best good of the hospital.


1. The inspectors are required to inspect the military prisons in the Department of Washington, in all their parts and premises, as to their general management, order, and cleanliness.

2. To observe as to the efficiency, fidelity, and humanity of the officers in charge.

3. To see whether the prisoners are as well cared for with regard to rations, beds, clothing, fuel, and other accommodations for comfort and decency as is consistent with the f act of imprisonment and the necessities of proper discipline.

4. To inspect the records of the prisons, and see that against the name of every person admitted there is a clearly written statement of the offense for which he is committed, and if from time to time persons are found imprisoned for a long period without an official hearing, or who appear to have been overlooked by the proper military authorities, or with regard to whom there is evidently some error in the charge, the inspectors are to report such cases, with a clear statement of the same, to the Secretary of War.

5. Each of the military prisons in the Department of Washington is to be visited by at least three of the Board, together, once in thirty days, and as much oftener as may be deemed expedient. Except by way of suggestion and advice to the superintendent, the inspectors are not to interfere with the discipline of the prisons, but will report to the Secretary of War whenever in their judgment the good of the prisons and of the public service requires it.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


November 16, 1863-4. 30 p. m. (Received 10. 15 p. m.)

Major General H. W. HALLECK,


I am endeavoring by every means in my power to keep my lines closed against all persons desiring to go south. I have ordered that no passes be given, except at my headquarters, and then upon a careful