War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0459 Chapter XLI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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November 15, 1863-12. 45 p. m.

Major-General MEADE,


From 9 to 10 a. m. the cavalry reconnaissance caused some firing at Raccoon Ford and Rapidan Station. Pony Mountain report, just received, states firing is at Raccoon Ford. Intrenchments at Morton's Ford are filled with infantry. Artillery horses harnessed near the redoubts. One brigade of infantry just came down the hill in rear of the woods opposite Raccoon Ford. A party of soldiers on the hill witnessing the firing. Enemy's camps are nearly all concealed. Camp smokes are visible opposite Raccoon Fiord, and behind the hills toward Orange Court-House, and in the direction of Freeman's Ford. Small smokes opposite Morton's and Stringfellow's Fords.

Respecting Freeman's Ford, the signal officer was asked for explanation, and his attention again directed explicitly to certain points and lines. Will report the result.

Railroad bridge at Rappahannock Station just reported finished. The track to that point will be laid to-day.


Major-General, and Chief of Staff.

NOVEMBER 15, 1863-2. 30 p. m.

Major-General MEADE,


Signal officer at Pony Mountain explains that in his previous dispatch Freeman's Ford should be Germanna Ford. No smokes in direction of Madison Court-House. None between Madison and Orange Court-House. Other points not reported on yet.

General Custer, Third Cavalry Division, reports the opposite bank at Morton's Ford completely covered with intrenchments, which are filled with infantry. At least a division of infantry at that point, and batteries of artillery. At Raccoon Ford a strong infantry force was displayed, and artillery in position. Artillery in position between the two fords. Strong force of infantry at Mitchell's Ford. Party sent to Germanna Ford has not yet returned. No cavalry was observed on the entire line of the Rapidan picketed by the Third Division. The infantry have been replaced along the whole front of the Third Division.

General Buford reports that one of his parties passed through James City this morning; saw no enemy, but learned that yesterday a brigade of cavalry passed through there. Other parties not heard from yet.

General Gregg reports nothing new on the left. Has not heard from scouting party.

Signal officer on Pony Mountain now reports that he sees no camp smokes in the direction of United States Ford, Hartwood Church, or thence to Morrisville; the atmosphere is not clear, but he believes that if there were large camp smokes he could see them. His next report states that wagons and infantry in double columns have been passing from Raccoon Ford toward our right for an hour, and that the infantry is still passing-2 p. m.