War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0248 OPERATIONS IN N. C.,VA.,W. VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XLI.

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By the movement of General Gregg's division, signal communication with Colonel McIntosh was discontinued. Though constantly on the lookout for the flag of Captain Dinsmore, accompanying General Gregg, the atmosphere continued too thick to see more than smoke from the artillery.

On the 14th and 15th, nothing of information transpired.

On the 16th, broke up station on Watery Mountain and reported with set to you near Germantown, in compliance with orders. At 7. 30 p. m. this day, opened signal communication at headquarters of the army Culpeper wit Pony Mountain.

On the 17th, relieved Lieutenant Stryker and Clarke, on Pony Mountain. Captain Wilson and their dismounted men were temporarily attached to my set. Found Pony Mountain station in communication with the following points, viz: Culpeper, with headquarters of the army; near Somerville Ford, Kilpatrick's cavalry division; 2 miles east from Culpeper, headquarters First Army Corps. At 7. 30 p. m. Lieutenant Warts opened communication with headquarters of General Buford, at Stevensburg. Owing to Lieutenant Jerome not being acquainted wit the cipher words, no message of an important character could be transmitted by signal to General Bufford. One message, in consequence, was delayed.

On the 18th, made report to you of fortifications and camp of the enemy seen on opposite side of Rapidan River.

On the 19th, 100 men, 48 axemen, and 52 comprising a guard for working party, reported to me for the purpose of cleaning off timber obstructing river, and constructing a solid and substantial lookout, the old lookout being too unsteady for practical use. Opened communication with headquarters of Twelfth Army Corps near Raccoon Ford. Lieutenant Holland, at these headquarters, informed me that the telegraph was in working order, which would dispense with signal communication.

On the 20th, reported to you column of enemy moving down the river, passing point near Raccoon Ford. At 8. 45 a. m. opened communication with Captain Dinsmore, on Thoroughfare Mountain. Reported to you enemy intrenching at Morton's and Stringfellow's Fords.

On the 21st, at 12 m., opened communication with Captain Dinsmore, 3 miles east from Thoroughfare Mountain. At 2. 15 p. m. received orders from you to get ready immediately to go to Thoroughfare Mountain. Captain Wilson and his dismounted men by same order relieved from duty with my set. At 4. 30 p. m. relieved from duty on Pony Mountain by Lieutenants Stryker and Clarke.

On the 22d, owing to the late hour at which I was relieved yesterday, and in order to obtain supplies for the set, did not start for Thoroughfare until this a. m. ; 1. 45 p. m. reached the top of Thoroughfare Mountain; at 2. 10 opened communication with Pony Mountain, and at 2. 45 p. m. had communication with Captain Paine, accompanying cavalry expedition, on the pike from Madison Court-House to Gordonsville, near Beautiful Run. A message from General Buford to General Pleasonton, through Captain Paine, at 3. 25 p. m., I was unable to forward until dark, it being impossible for the officers on Pony Mountain to see my flag on account of the hazy state of the atmosphere. Captain Paine moved forward with cavalry soon after, and communication with him was suspended.

September 23, reported to you that our cavalry was coming in. Saw Captain Paine's flag for a moment; called, but he was on the