War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0194 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA.

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permit no citizen whatever, either with or without a pass to cross beyond the bridge, and no soldiers will be allowed to pass, except officers and soldiers actually on picket and other duty. No persons will be allowed to pass in, excepting contrabands, deserters, and refugees, who will take the oath of allegiance and an oath that they will remain within the lines until the termination of the war, and all of whom will be sent to the provost-marshal at Norfolk under guard. The plank of the bridge at Fort Curtis will be removed at night.

Numbers 2. The guard will be furnished with an alphabetical list of all citizens, not exceeding one from each family, who reside between the creeks that pass at Nos. 1 and 2. They will be permitted to pass from their respective houses to and from Portsmouth by the nearest road, passing in on tuesday and Friday and out on Wednesday and Saturday, but they will not be permitted to travel or be absent from their homes after sundown.

The guards at Nos. 3,4,5,6,7, will be furnished by General Getty with alphabetical lists of all citizens, not exceeding one from each family, who will be permitted to pass, only upon business, from their respective homes to and from Portsmouth by the nearest road on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday between sunrise and sunset, and at no other time.

The railroad bridges at certain points will be removed by order of General Getty, and no person whatever will be allowed to pass in either direction along the railroad.

The pickets will arrest all persons who shall leave the roads and attempt to avoid any of the picket stations, and all persons who shall attempt to pass to the front in violation of this order.

Numbers 8. Colonel Dutton will station a guard at the intersection of the main road from Portsmouth with that from Deep Creek. It will be furnished with the proper list and orders to supervise all travel that may pass at this point, allowing no citizens to pass unless upon the list, and no soldiers without proper passes. All officers passing without proper permission will be reported on the morning guard reports, and to these headquarters through the proper channel. All soldiers or contrabands that attempt to pass without proper authority will be imprisoned at Portsmouth until the following morning, where they will be delivered before it is relieved to the old guard at post Numbers 6 or 7, who will turn them over; the latter to the provost-marshal, and the former to the colonel of the regiment to which they belong, who will order them before a field officer for punishment.

Any non-residents found within the limits of the above stations, elsewhere than on the way from his or her home to or from Portsmouth, will be arrested.

All passes will be taken up, when the purpose for which they were issued has been fulfilled, and returned to the provost-marshal at Norfolk.

General officers may pass any and all pickets and guards, but if they pass beyond the picket line it will be noted on the guard report. General officers will indicate at these headquarters their intention to pass to Fort Monroe.

Field officers will not pass beyond the limits of their division or their brigade, or, where there is not a division organization, without proper authority.

Line officers will not pass beyond the limits of their brigade without permission of their brigade commanders, nor beyond that of the