War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0096 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA.,W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

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his men in the most easy and expeditious method of putting men in and taking them out of the ambulances, lifting them from the ground, and placing and carrying them or stretchers, in the latter case observing that the front man steps off with the left foot and the rear man with the right, &c. ; that in all cases his men treat the sick and wounded with gentleness and care; that the ambulances and wagons are at all times provided with attendants, drivers, horses, &c. ; that the vessels for carrying water are constantly kept clean and filled with fresh water; that the ambulances are not used for any other purpose than that for which they are designed and ordered. Previous to a march, he will receive from the medical director of the army corps his orders for the distribution of the ambulances for gathering up the sick and wounded previous to and in time of action; he will receive orders from the same officer where to send his ambulances, and to what point the wounded are to be carried.

He will give his personal attention to the removal of the sick and wounded from the field in time of action, going from place to place to ascertain what may be wanted; to see that his subordinates (for whose conduct he will be responsible) attend faithfully to their duties in taking care of the wounded, and removing them as quickly as may be found consistent with their safety to the field hospital, and see that the ambulances reach their destination. After every battle he will make a report in detail of the operations of his corps to the medical director of the army corps to which he belongs, who will transmit a copy, with such remarks as he may deem proper, to the medical director of this army. He will give his personal attention to the removal of sick when they are required to be sent to general hospitals, or to such other points as may be ordered.

He will make a personal inspection at least once a month of everything pertaining to the ambulance corps, a report of which will be made to the medical director of the corps who will transmit a copy to the medical director of this army. This inspection will be minute and made with care, and will not supersede the constant supervision which he must at all times exercise over his corps. He will also make a weekly report, according to the prescribed form, to the same officer, who will forward a copy to the medical director of this army.

5. The first lieutenant assigned to the ambulance corps for a division will have complete control, under the captain of his corps and the medical director of the army corps, of all the ambulances, medicine and other wagons, horses, &c., and men in that portion of the ambulance corps. He will be the acting assistant quartermaster for that portion of the corps, and will receipt for and be responsible for all the property belonging to it, and be held responsible for any deficiency in anything appertaining thereto. He will have a traveling forge, a blacksmith, and a saddler, who will be under his orders, to enable him to keep his train in order. His supplies will be drawn from the depot quartermaster upon requisitions approved by the captain of his corps and the commander of the army corps to which he is attached. He will exercise a constant supervision over his train in every particular, and keep it all times ready for service. Especially before a battle will he be careful that everything be in order. The responsible duties devolving upon him in time of action render it necessary that he be active and vigilant and spare no labor in their execution. He will make reports to the captain of the corps, upon the forms prescribed, every Saturday morning.