War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0065 Chapter XLI. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC. -UNION.

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on to perform, and the means under their control for offensive or defensive purposes. The batteries in the harbor will be put in the most perfect state of preparation. The details for service will be arranged and systematized, and the officers and men instructed as rapidly as possible in everything the pertains to their new positions and duties, and especially in the service of heavy guns.

The approaches to any post, by land or water, will be studied; the range, field of fire, and effectiveness of every gun ascertained, and everything kept in constant readiness for the prompt and efficient use of the batteries. Particular care will be taken to guard against the danger to be apprehended from attempts to spike the guns or otherwise destroy the efficiency of batteries in the out-works or dependencies of any of the forts.

If posted in the city,commanders will keep themselves constantly advised of the position of troops in their neighborhood, the communications with them or with other important points, and the means of reaching in the shortest time any point in their neighborhood which may be assailed or threatened.

If officers of the General Government,and, by comity,of the State and municipal governments, in the performance of their legitimate functions,are assailed by lawless violence, it will be the duty of the troops to protect them. If they are charged with the protection of public property, public buildings, or other important interests, it will be their duty to defend them to the last extremity.

If called upon by the civil authorities to aid in the maintenance of order or the enforcement of the laws, the aid will be rendered promptly, cheerfully, and efficiently. The execution of the last duty involves grave responsibilities, and must be executed with the greatest discretion and firmness. It is not to be assumed independently, but will be exercised in connection with and in subordination to the civil authorities.

The troops employed on this duty will be kept well in hand,and will be cautioned to keep cool and steady; to pay no attention to harsh words or other insults that may be offered them; to avoid everything that may provoke unnecessary collision, but to be prepared to act always promptly, efficiently,or decisively. It is made the duty of commanders to see that their troops are fully armed, fully supplied, and prepared in every respect to give the greatest effect to the arms they use.

Troops that are posted in the city will be kept well together and in a state of the most exact discipline. The ordinary course of instruction will be kept up, and no straggling, drunkenness, or other disorderly conduct allowed. Guards and pickets established in streets or other thoroughfares will be carefully instructed to treat all citizens with courtesy and respect, and to perform their duties with as little annoyance or obstruction as is possible. The destruction or injury of public or private property, either wantonly or through neglect, must be prevented.

If posted in parks or improved grounds, the utmost care will be taken that the trees and shrubbery are not injured. Tents will be furnished for officers and men, and temporary stabling for the horses. Sinks and wash-houses will be provided and screened from observation by wooden blinds. The police of the grounds in and about the camps and quarters will be made as perfect as possible, and all accumulations of garbage immediately removed.

The troops that have been brought to this city, and who may be