War of the Rebellion: Serial 049 Page 0059 Chapter XLI. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC. -UNION.

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all other personal property within his department belonging to all implicated, will be confiscated.

IV. Persons residing within the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, and Princess Anne County, will not be permitted to pass into Norfolk, Currituck, and Camden Counties, and those living within Norfolk, Currituck, and Camden Counties will not be permitted to pass north of North Landing River and Southern Branch of Elizabeth River and the canal between them, unless in pursuit of their necessary business, with passes of the provost-marshal, and no pass will be given for a longer period than fifteen days.

V. No boat will be permitted to enter the Western Branch of Elizabeth River, Deep Creek, or the Pasquotank River; nor will be permitted to approach the left bank of Elizabeth River below the Western Branch of the same;nor will be permitted to approach the shore between Craney Island and Pig Point, under a penalty of an immediate destruction of the boat, and imprisonment and severe punishment of those taken and interested in the venture.

VI. On or before the 15th day of August, all steamboats, vessels, or boats of any description, must be numbered and registered by the provost-marshal, who will require that they shall be kept at night at such places and in such manner as he may direct. An especial list will be kept for the registry of all permits granted to fishermen and fishing boats.

VII. Licenses hereafter will be granted only to residents of the counties within the above limits; and all sutlers will be confined strictly to the privileges granted to them, and will not be permitted to trade after the 15th of August, unless the sales of their wares shall be regulated by a scale of prices determined before that time by a council of administration, as provided under the General Orders of the War Department, Numbers 27, of 1862.

VIII. Merchants will be required to procure stencil plates, with the number of the license in figures, of at least 2 inches in length, cut thereon, and with which they will be required to mark every package sold by them. A penalty of $500 is hereby imposed upon any firm who shall fail to comply with the above. It is, however, no intended that this restriction shall apply to small paper bundles made up for local use.

IX. Merchandise will not be permitted to be carried through any of the canals, nor upon any of the water courses, after it has been received at Norfolk or Portsmouth.

X. All wagons going south with merchandise, or coming north with produce, will be required to pass through Great Bridge, where they will be examined.

XI. Merchants when submitting their invoices for permits for merchandise will be limited to that required for their usual business for three months. Consumers in purchasing from the above will be limited to the quantity required by their families for the same time. The above restrictions being necessary to prevent an accumulation of goods for contraband purposes.

XII. Weapons of all kinds, powder, and all items of a contraband character are prohibited, and will be seized wherever found. All persons attempting to introduce, sell, or conceal any of the above will be imprisoned and severely punished, and their personal property will be confiscated.

XIII. The only currency permitted will be that established by the Government of the United States.