War of the Rebellion: Serial 048 Page 1036 OPERATIONS IN N.C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLI.

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Whitfords (John N.) Infantry. See North Carolina Iroops, Confederate. Willauers (Seneca G.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 116th Regiment. Whets (.J. Howard) Infantry. See New Jersey TrOop8, 12th Regiment. Willetts (E. D.~ Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 1st Regiment. Williams (J. M.) Infantry. See Loui8iana Troops, 2d Regiment. Williams (Samuel J.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 19th Regiment. Williams (T. V.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 37th Regiment. W~llis (Edward) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 12th Regiment. Willis (William H.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 4th Regiment. Willistons (Edward B.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 2d Regiment, Bat. tery D. Wilsons (John W.) Infantry. See Maryland Troops, Union, 1st Regimesit. Wingfields (John T.) Artillery. See Sumter Artillery, ante, Batt~y C. Winslows (George B.) Artillery. See New York Tro~ps, 18t Regiment, Battery D. Wistars (Joseph W.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 8th Regiment. Witchers (William A.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 21st R.giment. Withers (Robert XV.) Infantry. See Virginia Troc~ps, Confederate, 42d Regiment. Witherups (J. F.) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 15th Regiment. W~oc,ds (Joseph, jr.) Engineers. See New York Troops, 15th Regiment.. Woodalls (Daniel) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 1st Regiment. Wrights (Robert C.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 42d Regiment. Wyatts (James W.) Artillery. See Albemarle Artillery, ante. Wyndliams (Percy) Cavalry. See New Jersey Troops, 1st Regiment. Wynkoops (John E.) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 20th Regiment. Yorks (Zebulon) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 14th Regiment. Youngs (John XV.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 76th Regiment. Youngs (Pierce M. B.) Cavalry. See Cobbs Legion, ante. Zables (David) Infantry. See Louisiana Troop8, 14th Regiment.