War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0604 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Brigadier General H. W. MERCER.

2nd Confederate Engineers, Company D, Captain J. M. McAlpine.

1st Florida Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel C. F. Hopkins.

1st (Volunteer) Georgia, Colonel C. H. Olmstead.

22nd Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Pritchard.

29th Georgia, Company G.

30th Georgia, Company K.

54th Georgia (four companies), Major George L. Buist.

57th Georgia, Colonel W. Barkuloo.

63rd Georgia, Colonel George A. Gordon.

Jackson Guards, Captain John Tanner.

4th Georgia Cavalry, Colonel Duncan L. Clinch.

20th Georgia Cavalry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Millen.

24th Georgia Cavalry Battalion, Major E. C. Anderson, jr.

Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Cpat. J. L. McAllister.

Jo. Thompson (Georgia) Artillery, Captain C. R. Hanleiter.

Georgia Battery, Captain N. B. Clinch.

Georgia Battery, Captain John M. Guerard.

Regular (Georgia) Battery A, Captain J. A. Maxwell.

Regular (Georgia) Battery B, Captain Charles Daniell.

Terrell (Georgia) Artillery, Captain John W. Brooks.


Brigadier General JOSEPH FINEGAN.

2nd Florida Battalion (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel T. W. Brevard.

6th Florida Battalion (seven companies), Lieutenant Colonel John M. Martin.

Florida Company, Captain W. S. Eichelberger.

Florida Company, Captain John McNeill.

Florida Company, Captain B. L. Reynolds.

2nd Florida Cavalry (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel A. H. McCormick.

Florida Cavalry Company, Captain W. H. Cone.

Florida Cavalry Company, Captain J. D. Stark.

Milton Artillery, Company A, Captain Joseph L. Dunham.

Milton Artillery, Company B, Captain H. F. Abell.


Brigadier General W. M. GARDNER.



64th Georgia,+ Colonel John W. Evans.

2nd Florida Cavalry (four companies), Colonel Caraway Smith.

5th Florida Cavalry Battalion, Major G. W. Scott.

Florida Cavalry Company, Captain A. A. Griffin.

Echols (Georgia) Artillery, Captain John H. Tiller.

Georgia Siege Artillery (one company), Captain C. G. Campbell.

Leon Light Artillery, Captain Robert H. Gamble.



4th Florida Battalion, Major John H. Gee.

4th Florida Battalion (one company), Captain G. T. Floyd.

5th Florida Cavalry Battalion (one company), Captain W. A. Jeter.

5th Florida Cavalry Battalion (one company), Captain W. H. Milton.

Partisan Rangers, Captain W. J. Robinson.


*Reported by General Gardner as the District of West Florida, but recognized at department headquarters as above. A return for the "District of Middle Florida" of same date, embracing the same troops, and signed by Colonel Caraway Smith, as commanding officer, is also on file. See Gardner's assignment October 6, p. 397. He assumed command October 30.

+Ordered, December 28, to Savannah, Ga.