War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0603 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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1st South Carolina Artillery (four companies), Major Ormsby Blanding.

1st South Carolina State Troops, Colonel T. B. Roberts.

3rd South Carolina State Troops,* Colonel John E. Carew.

4th South Carolina Cavalry, Company K, Captain R. H. Colcock.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Company H, Captain R. M. Skinner.

21st South Carolina, Company A, Captain J. H. Read.

26th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Hudson.

Gist Guard Artillery.

Lucas' Battalion, Company A.

Sumter Garrison,+ Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Elliott, jr.


Brigadier General HENRY A. WISE.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company C, Captain M. Rickenbaker.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company D, Captain William E. Charles.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Companies E and I.

6th South Carolina Cavalry, Companies A and F.

Rebel Troop, Captain J. L. Seabrook.

Stono Scouts, Captain J. B. L. Walpole.

Marion Light Artillery, Captain Edward L. Parker.

Palmetto Battalion, Company D, Captain Charles E. Kanapaux.

Palmetto Battalion, Company F, Captain F. C. Schulz.

4th Virginia Heavy Artillery,++ Colonel J. Thomas Goode.

26th Virginia,++ Colonel P. R. Page.

46th Virginia,++ Colonel R. T. W. Duke.

59th Virginia,++ Colonel W. B. Tabb.



Brigadier General JOHNSON HAGOOD.

22nd Georgia Battalion, Company C, Captain Joseph A. Beals.

27th Georgia, Colonel Charles T. Zachry.

29th Georgia, Company A, Captain W. W. Billopp.

11th South Carolina@ (eight companies), Colonel F. H. Gantt.

21st South Carolina,@ Colonel R. F. Graham.

25th South Carolina,@ Colonel C. H. Simonton.

27th South Carolina,@# Colonel P. C. Gaillard.

5th South Carolina Cavalry (four companies), Colonel John Dunovant.

1st South Carolina Artillery (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Yates.

2nd South Carolina Artillery (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel J. Welsman Brown.

Chatham (Georgia) Artillery, Captain John F. Wheaton,

Matthewes (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain John R. Mathewes.

Palmetto Battalion, Companies H and K, Major W. H. Campbell.


Brigadier General A. H. COLQUITT.

6th Georgia,^ Colonel John T. Lofton.

12th Georgia Battalion,** Company C, Captain George W. Johnson.

19th Georgia,^ Colonel James H. Neal.

23rd Georgia,^ Major M. R. Ballenger.

28th Georgia,^ Colonel Tully Graybill.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Companies F, H, and I, Colonel A. D. Frederick.

Lucas' Battalion, Companies B and C Major J. J. Lucas.

Palmetto Battalion, Company E, Captain John D. Johnson.

Palmetto Battalion, Company I, Captain J. R. Bowden.

South Carolina Siege Train, Major Edward Manigault.


*Note on original district return says: "Ceased to be in Confederate service."

+Company D, 1st South Carolina Artillery, and detachments from 6th, 23rd, 27th, and 28th Georgia, and 25th South Carolina.

++Wise's brigade.

@Hagood's brigade.

#Organized September 30, by consolidation of the 1st Infantry Battalion and 1st Battalion Sharpshooters.

^Colquitt's brigade; the 27th Georgia temporarily detached, in First Sub-District.

**Attached to South Carolina Siege Train.