War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0590 S. X. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Synoptical inspection report of the brigade of Brigadier General N. B. Evans-Continued.

Date of Organizatio Present for Present Absent

inspection n, and duty. sick. without

. commander leave.

at the time



October 7 22nd South 360 29 86



Major J.

H. Rion.

3 26th South 343 80 31



Colonel A.

D. Smith.

Total 2,248 231 220


Date of Aggregate Officers Remarks.

inspection. present absent.



October 7 608 17 This regiment arrived in

the department in such a

state as to induce the

commanding general to

appoint Major Rion, of

the Seventh South

Carolina Battalion, to

command it. Major Rion

reports that upon his

taking command things

were in a terrible

condition. Captain

Feilden's report,

therefore, does now show

what the regiment was on

its first arrival in

this department, when

irregularities of every

kin existed in the

regiment Major Rion has

made a sweeping reform.

3 764 14 Discipline defective;

drill tolerable;

adjutant's office very

imperfectly kept; camp

very dirty;s inks not

used; ammunition

defective. (The colonel

of the regiment has

since been tried, and

relieved from duty for

six months.)

3,690 72

NOTE.-On the 17th October, 1863, Company A, 23rd South Carolina Infantry, reported no men for duty; Company B, 23rd South Carolina Infantry, reported 1 man for duty; Company D, 23rd South Carolina Infantry, reported 2 men for duty.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

HDQRS. DEPT. SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, AND FLORIDA, Charleston, S. C., December 28, 1863.

Major General J. F. GILMER,

Second in Command, Savannah, Ga.:

GENERAL: Yours of the 24th instant has been received, and contents noted or ordered. I have always had the desire of sub-dividing the Third Military District, as recommended by you, but various considerations have prevented me doing os. There is at present no immediate necessity for the change, but I will probably order it before you are relieved of your present command. I hope to see you shortly in Savannah.

Arrange the engineers and engineer department of your two district to the best advantage for the public service. I send by one of my aides a detailed map of map of the Third District, which you will have copied and returned.

Herewith you will find a return of troops which you will please substitute for the one I had given you here. Return the latter.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


CHARLESTON, S. C., December 28, 1863.

Brigadier General B. H. ROBERTSON, Green Pond, S. C.:

Guns are destined for Ashepoo River, unless you can show they are more needed elsewhere.


Chief of Staff.