War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0576 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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objections or operations, if any, are deemed out of place and uncalled for, and, when carried to the extent into which Major Chambliss has been led, are offensive.

The commanding general desires to give Major Chambliss, however, an opportunity to withdraw it, believing that it must have resulted from haste and inattention to he exact force of his words.

It is the wish of these headquarters to give Major Chambliss cordial assistance in the discharge of his duties, on all occasions and in all particulars.

By command of General Beauregard:


Chief of Staff.


Respectfully returned to the department headquarters.

I regret exceedingly that zeal for what I conceive to be the best interests of the service should have led me into the use of terms that are deemed offensive. No one can be more desirous of conforming to military subordination and courtesy than myself. In my indorsement, I simply intended to represent that the engineer department had entered a shop exclusively under the control of the ordnance, taken down the names of its employes, nd made application for their detail without so much as giving information to this office. Most of my machinists are continually employed in repairing and altering the heavy guns and their carriages, leaving but little time for turning up the rifled projectiles,a nd for that I must depend on contract labor. J. M. Eason & Bro. and employed for the Navy and Engineer Departments, and consequently cannot be relied on in an emergency.

Mr. Henerey's establishment is, therefore, absolutely necessary to supply the projectiles required, and even with it we have not been able to supply the full demands. I will cheerfully render the engineer department andy assistance consistent with the importance and amount of work required of the arsenal. Of that, however, I am continued the judge. I therefore respectfully and earnestly request that the detail of Mr. Henerey's men be made for the arsenal, and that all work done by him for other departments be first approved by this office.


Major, Commanding.

HDQRS. DEPT. SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, AND FLORIDA, Charleston, S. C., January 5, 1864.

In consequence of the views expressed by Major Chambliss, Captain Lee's requests cannot be granted. He must endeavor to have the engines referred to be him made a some other place in this department not immediately employed in providing for the defense of Charleston. Major Chambliss' request that orders form the engineer department to the shops under his control should receive his approval, is considered just and proper, provided they do not bear the direct approval of these headquarters. Inform Colonel Harris and Major Chambliss ot that effect.


General, Commanding.