War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0570 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: I report a synopsis of operations in this district.

All orders for the expedition to Legareville in the way of preparations have been minutely attended to and executed. Lieutenant-Colonel Kemper moved Schulz's battery this evening to reach within striking distance, and Charles' battery moves by sunrise this morning.

Colonel Page, with five companies of the Twenty-sixth, and Colonel Tabb, with five companies of the Fifty-ninth Regiment Virginia Volunteers, are ready, and will move immediately; will be joined by the force of reserve on John's Island, all under command of Colonel Page, and rendezvousing at or near Walpole's; will commence operations so as to be ready to open fire on the enemy by dawn on the 25th instant. Colonel Kemper found no caisson for the 10-pounder Parrott left here, and he tried the gun, and found it in some was injured. With my approval, he leaves that at Willstown, and takes only two 10-pounder Parrotts and two rifled pieces, with Schulz's battery. Parker's section is held in reserve near this place, and a section of Kanapaux' battery, two Napoleons, is sent temporarily to Willstown, supported by a company of infantry, well trained in heavy artillery from the Fourth Regiment Virginia Volunteers, with one siege piece without a limber, and with the injured 10-pounder Parrott gun, and without teams for either.

I beg for limber caissons and teams, harness for heavy guns, and the necessary implements for moving the heavy guns; requisitions have been made by my ordnance officer.

I have ordered three companies of the infantry at Meggott's and at Young's Island, leaving guards at these posts, to move toward Church Flats temporarily, so as to be in reach of support to the expedition on John's Island in case of need. They will immediately return on the accomplishment of the ends of the expedition, and I will keep every point on the qui vive until that is over, and all return to their appointed posts.

I have occupied the whole time since arriving here in reconnaissance at Willstown, at Pinebury, at Slann's Island, at Ashe's, at Jenkins, at Little Britain, at Young's Island, at Toogoodoo Neck, and at Meggott's. I have visited all these points, and traversed the roads and threaded the by-paths leading to and from them. The fired batteries or earthworks at any or all are simply worth nothing in their present form and condition.

I shall commence first with the works at Willstown and Pinebury with a detail of 100 men there, and with the works at Church Flats and King's corn-fields and at Chaplain's with a detail of 75 there, and with works at Young's Island with a party of negro employes there, as soon as the engineer reports the necessary teams and tools ready of the works and calls for orders of the detail.

I regret to report that the house at Pinebury, in the occupancy of the infantry pickets, was accidentally burned down three nights ago. It was an old building, and I have ordered a board of survey to inquire into the facts and to estimate the damage.

I will endeavor to make a supporting, if not continuous, line of redoubts and rifle-pits, with connecting roads and bridges, from