War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0550 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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miles through a series of savannas. It strikes the Jacksonborough road at right angles, and about 100, yards below the Adams Run depot.

Numbers 7. Battery in embrasure, in shape a pan-coupe, arranged for four field pieces. It is located at head of Young's Island Causeway, two pieces giving a direct fire on causeway and island shore, s distance of 150 yards, and two opposing the enemy's flank fire, one from the right and the other from the left extremity of said island shore; also, a covered way, parallel to island shore, stretching from and to the right of battery, a distance of 500 yards. This line is extended by an infantry, parapet, 200 feet in length, confronting the left extremity of enemy's shore line, which extremity is a bare hill and slightly commanding eminence. Our line is here ended by an epaulement for field pieces, which epaulement gives a flank fire over marsh in our front, and upon opposite hill, forming left of enemy's position.

Numbers 8. A priest-cap at the head of and commanding approach across Caw Caw Causeway, a distance of 1,562 yards. This work is now under construction, and will be prepared for two pieces on siege-carriages.

Numbers 9. Now under construction. Two slips on Pon Pon River for crossing from Willstown Bluff to Manigault's Island, and a bridge across Ashe's Creek, connecting said island with Colonel Ashe's plantation on Ashepoo Neck. This work is very necessary and urgent, for wick communication with a portion of the commanding general's brigade guarding the Neck at Tie Tie Causeway.

Numbers 10. To be constructed. A battery in embrasure for four field pieces at Ingle's old landing, opposite Thoams Becket's, on John's Island.

Numbers 11. River battery at Church Flats, to be converted into an inclosed work.

Numbers 12. Redoubt at Rantowles' house - sweeping the Willstown road, approaching on the left, and the Parker's Ferry road, approaching on the right, of its front - to be repaired.

Works transferred to my charge are:

Numbers 13. Obstructions on the Pon Pon, 300 yards below Willstown Bluff, and stretching from Colonel Morris' to Colonel Ashe's rice-fields. These obstructions consist simply of a double row of piles, sawed off at high-water mark.

Numbers 14. Battery in embrasure for two field pieces, commanding a causeway and bridge across King's Creek on the only approach from White Point and Edisto Ferry. two infantry parapets are on this same line and connected with the battery, one on its right and the other on its left. Their lengths are 120 feet each, and their opposite flanks rest on two fissures, wide and deep, which make up from the creek. Beyond these fissures, the one the right and the other on the left, are also thrown up to lines, 120 feet each, for infantry, and giving cross and flanks fires to our front. To our front the forest is felled for some 300 yards.

In answer to query 1, as to "the condition of the defensive works under" my "charge, accompanied by maps and plans, the probable time and cost of completion, their present and required additional armaments," I submit the following:

Numbers 1 of the works I constructed - the John's Island Causeway -s in complete order, but the bridge, now of one year's standing, though firm and well braced, will last but two years longer, as no sheathing