War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0544 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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will station one regiment of infantry to guard and support the batteries along the Stono from Geddes' to Palmer's, inclusive; one regiment of infantry to guard and support the batteries from Rantowles to Church Flats, inclusive; one regiment of infantry to guard and support the batteries from Church Flats to Willstown, inclusive, and one regiment of infantry in reserve at or about Adams Run.

proper guards will be established in all the batteries of the overflow line of defense, and at all the railroad bridges in the Sixth Military District, and the light batteries and cavalry will be located to the best advantage or as hereafter may be directed.

Major Jenkins, in command on John's Island, with the following force, to wit:

The Rebel Troops, Stono, and two companies of Aiken's (Sixth South Carolina) cavalry, one company of infantry, and a section of light artillery.

In the event that Brigadier-General Wise should be compelled to retreat, he will fall back, to his true defensive line, in rear of the overflow and works in front of Bee's ferry, as stated in Circular Orders of 25th november, 1863.

he will dispute the crossing of Rantowles Creek, and of the Stono at Palmer's, as long as will be safely practicable; that is, not too long to prevent him from securing his position in rear of his true line of defense already referred to.

Brigadier-General Robertson will furnish General Wise with all the maps, drawings, reports, &c. (which he may not require himself), relating to the section of country between Rantowles Creek and the Edisto.

2. Brigadier-General Robertson, commanding Second District, will transfer to the command of Brigadier-General Wise, the Rebel Troops, Stono Scouts, two companies of Aiken's (Sixth South Carolina) cavalry, Schulz's battery, the Marion and Washington Light Artillery, and will withdraw with the rest of his troops, general and personal staff, and established his headquarters within the limits designated in Paragraph II, Special Orders, Numbers 257, from these headquarters, current series. He will post his troops to the best advantage, or as may hereafter ne indicated, consulting with Brigadier-General Walker as to the best mode of defending the section of country between the Ashepoo and Combahee, and for mutually supporting each other in case of urgent necessity.

Brigadier-General Walker will furnish General Robertson with all the plans, drawings, reports, &c. (which he himself may not require), relating to that section of country.

In the event of a retreat, Brigadier-General Robertson will retire, fighting, behind his true line of defense, as defined in Circular Orders of the 25th November, 1863, endeavoring to combine his movements, as much as practicable, with those of Brigadier-General Wise.

His command will be re-enforced by one battery of light artillery and one company of the Eleventh South Carolina Infantry, already on the east side of the Combahee, which will be transferred to him by General Walker; Bachman's light artillery, and two companies of infantry from Wise's brigade, to be employed as supports to his light batteries.

All the troops of Brigadier-General Walker, now stationed east of the Combahee, will remain there long enough (a few days) for those of Brigadier-General Robertson to become thoroughly acquainted with their new position, unless an attack of the enemy in Brigadier-