War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0523 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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Charleston, C. S., November 25, 1863.

Brigadier General R. S. RIPLEY,*

Commanding Forst military District, Mount Pleasant:

GENERAL: I am instructed by department headquarters to institute an exhaustive inquiry into the circumstances connected with the movements of the enemy on Folly and Morris Islands, ending in the events of July 10, 1863, and to confer on the subject, by correspondence or otherwise, with the general then commanding the First Military District of South Carolina, and with the different officers in immediate command of our troops on Morris island, In furtherance of said instructions, I have drawn up a series of interrogatories, to which I respectfully call your attention, begging of you to forward me your written answers to the same:

1. State what were the movements of the enemy at the entrance of charleston Harbor, and more particularly at the south end of Morris island, between the 1st and the 10th of July last.

2. What were the movements of the enemy on and about Folly island?

3. What were his forces on his island?

4. How was the attack made by the enemy?

5. What forces had we on Morris Island, and under whose command wee they? Who commanded the artillery forces? Who commanded the infantry forces?

6. Was the attack of the enemy a surprise, or was it anticipated? If a surprise, to what extent?

7. At what point did the enemy land on Morris Island, on the morning of July 10, and at what o'clock?

8. State the disposition of our troops, and by whose order so disposed?

9. How was the artillery supported?

10. In what formations and in what numbers did the enemy advance on our positions?

11. At what o'clock did our troops fall back, and by whose order?

12. When our troops fell back, what was the enemy's position, and what their estimated forces?

13. State the different directions from which the enemy's guns opened on us, both by sea and land?

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant and Inspector General.


Charleston, S. C., November 25, 1863.


Army of the Tennessee, near Chickamauga, Ga.:

DEAR GENERAL: Unable to get from the War Department a copy of the report of the battle of Shiloh, I must request of you the favor to furnish me with one, if practicable, as so as your engagements and convenience will permit.


* The same seems to have been addressed to Colonel R. F. Graham. See his letter of December 2, p. 536. Ripley's reply is dated December 4.