War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0469 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Light Artillery.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Company A (one section), Captain E. D. Blake.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company D, Captain William E. Charles.

Pametto Battalion, Company D, Captain Charles E. Kanapaux.


5th South Carolina (four companies), Colonel John Dunovant.


Brigadier General A. H. COLQUITT.


6th Georgia, Colonel J. T. Lofton.

19th Georgia, Colonel J. H. Neal.

23rd Georgia, Major M. R. Ballenger.

27th Georgia, Colonel C. T. Zachry.

28th Georgia, Colonel Tully Graybill.

Heavy Artillery.

Lucas' Battalion, Major Jonatham J. Lucas.

Palmetto Battalion (four companies), Lieutenant Carolina Siege Train, Company C,+ Captain T. E. Gregg.


Major L. F. TERRELL.

Chatham Artillery, Captain J. F. Wheaton.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Company A (one section).

Marion Artillery, Captain Edward L. Parker.


Brigadier General H. W. MERCER.

2nd Confederate Engineers, Company D, Captain James W. McAlpine.

1st Florida Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel C. F. Hopkins.

1st Volunteers (Georgia), Colonel C. H. Olmstead.

12th Georgia Battalion (one company).

22nd Georgia Battalion (six company).

29th Georgia (two companies).

30th Georgia (one company).

32th Georgia (one company).

54th Georgia (four companies), Lieutenant Colonel M. Rawls.

63rd Georgia, Colonel George A. Gordon.

Georgia Battery, Captain John M. Guerard.

Jo. Thompson Artillery, Captain C. R. Hanleiter.

Kilcrease Artillery, Captain F. L. Villepigue.

Regular Light Battery, Captain J. A. Maxwell.

Terrell Artillery, Captain J. W. Brooks.

4th Georgia Cavalry, Colonel D. L. Clinch.

5th Georgia Cavalry, Battalion, Major E. C. Anderson, jr.

Hardwick Mounted Rifles (two companies), Captain J. L. McAllister.


Brigadier General JOSEPH FINEGAN.

2nd Florida Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel T. W. Brevard.

2nd Florida Cavalry (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel A. H. McCormick.

6th Florida Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel John M. Martin.

Florida Cavalry and Infantry (three companies).++

Milton Light Artillery, Company A, Captain J. L. Dunham.

Milton Light Artillery, Company B, Captain H. F. Abell.


*Colquitt's Brigade.

+Or McQueen Light Artillery.

++One company (cavalry) under Captain W. H. Cone and two (infantry) under Captain B. L. Reynolds.