War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0468 S.C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Brigadier General J. H. TRAPIER.

21st Georgia Cavalry Battalion, Major W. P. Whiter.

3rd South Carolina State Troops (four companies).

4th South Carolina State Troops, Colonel James H. Witherspoon.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Company I, Captain Thomas W. Tyler.

Keitt's Cavalry Company, Captain E. S. Keitt.

Tucker's Squadron, Captain J. H. Tucker.

German Artillery, Captain Chris. Gaillard.

Waccamaw Artillery, Captain Joshua Ward.



1st South Carolina Artillery (four companies), Captain F. H. Harleston.

1st South Carolina State Troops, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Hodges.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Companies Hand K, Lieutenant Colonel R. J. Jeffords.

5th South Carolina State Troops, Colonel J. H. Williams.

21st South Carolina, Company A, Lieutenant J. Harleston Read, jr.

25th South Carolina, Companies C and E, Captain M. H. Sellers.

26th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Hundson.

27th South Carolina* (seven companies), Colonel P. C. Gaillard.

German Light Artillery,+ Captain W. K. Bachman.

Gist Guard Artillery, Captain C. E. Chichester.


Brigadier General HENRY A. WISE.

4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, Colonel J. Thomas Goode.

26th Virginia, Colonel P. R. Page.

46th Virginia, Colonel R. T. W. Duke.

50th Virginia, Colonel W. B. Tabb.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company C, Captain M. Rickenbaker.


Brigadier General WILLIAM B. TALLAFERRO.


Brigadier General JOHNSTON HAGOOD.


32nd Georgia, Colonel George P. Harrison, jr.

54th Georgia (six companies), Colonel C. H. Way.

11th South Carolina (eight companies), Colonel F. H. Gantt.

17th South Carolina, Colonel F. W. McMaster.

21st South Carolina (nine companies), Colonel R. F. Graham.

25th South Carolina (six companies), Colonel C. H. Simonton.

27th South Carolina^ (two companies), Colonel P. C. Gaillard.

Heavy Artillery.

Georgia Siege Train, # Company C, Captain George W. Johnson.

Savannah Artillery,** Captain W. W. Bilopp.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Companies B, C, F, and H, Major O. Blanding.

2nd South Carolina Artillery (eight companies), Colonel A. D. Frederick.

Mathewes Artillery, Captain John R. Mathewes.

South Carolina Siege Train, Companies A and B, Major Edward Manigault.


*District returns for October 30 report this regiment as transferred to James Island October 29. The regiment was organized September 30 by the consolidation of the 1st South Carolina (or Charleston) Battalion and the 1st South Carolina (or Abney's) Battalion of Sharpshooters.

+Ordered to Greenville, S. C., to report to Colonel J. H. Williams.

++Distribution of troops in Eastern and Western Divisions, taken from district returns for October 28.

$The 17th South Carolina belonged to Evans' brigade; the other South Carolina regiments to Hagood's brigade.

^See note to Fifth Military District.

#Company D, 12th Georgia Battalion.

**Detachment from the Savannah River Batteries.