War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0417 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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an official statement of the deficiency of arms and accouterments in Anderson's brigade, to wit, 375 guns, 973 bayonets, 337 cartridge-boxes, 679 bayonet scabbards, 359 cap-pouches, 473 belts, 356 canteens, 542 haversacks, 153 gun-slings, 289 knapsacks, and 93 shoulder-straps.

But the guns, I was told, were not drawn, and the brigade departed for Chattanooga without them, as it was certain they could get arms there. This, I believe, completes the information.

The defenses around Charleston are being strengthened daily, and the enemy's works progress slowly under our shells, which are fired from two or three of our batteries day and night, at irregular intervals.

There are no signs of active operations or an advance by the enemy yet. They are strongly encamped on Folly and Cole's Island with their land forces, and their fleet-some sixty heavy gunboats, transports, monitors, and the Ironside-effectually seal the harbor from its mouth, in every channel, down to Light-House Inlet and the Edisto. I think every appearance indicates a slow and long siege of Charleston.

Rumor is that the Spanish and French consuls are assured that the city will not be shelled or fired upon. Our troops are comparatively healthy; all we want is clothing and tents before the winter rains come. I beg you to forward these according to Major Watkins' report.

Prices are much higher and supplies of every sort much scarcer than in Richmond.

I am very well, and, very respectfully, yours, &c.,




OCTOBER 19, 1863.


Note the information given within of the guns, &c., required at Charleston for Anderson's brigade. Inform me of the supplies afforded the brigade as it passed through this city. I wish to see how this deficiency of arms occurred, whether they were lost on the way, and how.

J. A. S. [SEDDON],


Respectfully referred to Lieutenant-Colonel Brown, for the information required by indorsement of Secretary of War.

Captain Pleasants is the ordnance officer of Hood's division, to which I think Anderson's brigade belongs.


OCTOBER 21, 1863.

Respectfully returned to the Chief of Ordnance.

General Hood's division has been supplied with all the arms required by its ordnance officer. They were to Atlanta, Ga., by his direction. No requisition appears on file for Anderson's brigade.