War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0406 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Gun. Where from. Where to. Remarks.

18-pounder. Left-hand gun, Left flank, These guns are

Redoubt Numbers 3. to be rifled

Numbers 4, and banded;

east lines. until they are

they will be

in these


Whenever moved

to be rifled

and banded

other guns

will be


for them.

18-pounder. Left-hand gun, Right face, The second of

Redoubt Numbers 3. these guns,

Numbers 5, when rifled

east lines. and banded,

goes to the



18-pounder. Gun Numbers 1, Front face, When one of

position Numbers 3. the 18-

Numbers 1, pounders named

west lines, to above is

the right of rifled, this

the bridge. gun will


positions with


12-pounder Redan Numbers Left salient, This gun is to

rifled. 5, Royal's. Numbers 1. be banded.

When removed

for that


another one

will be


for it.

12-pounder Redan Numbers Left face,

(not yet 6, Royal's. Numbers 1.


12-pounder. Gun Numbers Right face, This gun is

13, position Numbers 1. situated to

Numbers 9, the right of a

west lines. path about the

center of west

lines, to the

right of some

iron 6-




The above is the removal of guns (prescribed for Lieutenant W. W. Legare) from the old to the new lines, to be effected in one day, whenever he receives the order therefor.


Colonel, and Chief of Artillery, Commanding Art. on James Island.

NOTE.- It is worthy of notice that the disposition of these guns still leaves every redan and redoubt on eastern lines armed, with the exception of the two on the extreme right (Royal's), which could be armed with spare guns (8-inch sea-coast howitzers, &c., under Major Manigualt); that the 32-pounders on that line remain intact; that there are still two spare 32-pounders at Fort Pemberton and two on west lines, besides other guns on the latter, which, if placed on works behind New Town Cut, would made a complete double line of defense for the east of James Island, cutting off by a double line all approach to the harbor, or to the western side of the island.

[First indorsement.]


James Island, October 10, 1863.

Respectfully forwarded, for the information of the commanding general.

A comparison between the within and the report of the Board will show that after the arming of new lines and those in Saint Andrew's, as recommended by the latter, there will still remain a sufficiency of guns to arm powerful works on John's Island, or on the approach to Saint Andrew's by the Second Military District.

When Battery Haskell is provided with 42-pounder carronades, the rebored bronze 18-pounders and the 24-pounder howitzers, some of the valuable siege guns, now there, and others due us, will also be available for new works or for strengthening those already constructed. The requisite siege-carriages for guns now en barbette have been called for some time since from the Chief of Ordnance, by the undersigned.

The note on the within is made, not as a suggestion, but as exhibiting our resources for land defense and the advantages of the construction of new lines.