War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0405 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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These facts, together with the insufficiency of the batteries at the obstructions, led me some months ago to suggest that a force be stationed at Fort Gadsden, an eligible point, 25 miles below the obstructions, and the erection at that place of a work capable of mounting two 24-pounders and two 18-pounders, which could readily be spared for that purpose from hammock Landing and from the obstructions. As the enemy can only ascend in launches, I consider this arrangement as affording greater protection to the river than the obstructions themselves, while we rescue from the enemy 25 miles of the river and bordering country, which, without this, is entirely in their possession. These suggestions were approved by General Cobb, and the first carried into effect, and I know that he intended adopting the last had he not been relieved from duty in this district. I desire respectfully to urge the adoption now of these measures, but for the purposes of communication and supplies, it will be necessary to keep open either Moccasin Creek or Virginia River.

During the winter season it will, of course, be impossible to supply troops, station below obstructions, by land.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding.


James Island, October 9, 1863.

The removal of the five guns en barbette for new lines has been already prescribed by chief of artillery, and is nearly carried out. One is from Secessionville (8-inch shell gun), one 32-pounder dismounted (lying in Redoubt Numbers 1.), and three 32-pounders from Fort Pemberton (on water side).

Gun. Where from. Where to. Remarks.

8-inch sea- Fort Left face, This gun is

coast Pemberton. Numbers 2. now en

howitzers. barbette, but

a siege-


called for by

me, is ready

for it in


8-inch sea- Redan Numbers Right salient,

coast 6, east lines. Numbers 4.


24-pounder. Battery Left face, The damaged

Haskell. Numbers 4. 24-pounder

siege, in

redoubt at

bend of west

lines, will be

given Major

Manigault for

this gun.

Lieutenant W.

W. Legare will

be careful

that the

ammunition now

with he gun,

and no other,

is sent with

it to Major

Manigault, for

the cartridges

are only 4-



24-pounder. Redan Numbers Right face,

5, Royal's. Numbers 4.

24-pounder. First lunette Front face,

to the right Numbers 3.

of Holmes'

house, west


24-pounder. Lunette at Front face, This gun wants

bend of west Numbers 3. an elevating

lines, screw.

fronting New

Town Cut


24-pounder. Gun Numbers 9, Right flank, Position

position Numbers 2. marked down

Numbers 6, for 24-pounder

west lines, to on left flank

the right of of Numbers 2

road leading has been

to New Town omitted in the

Cut Bridge. work.

24-pounder. Gun Numbers Front face,

15, position Numbers 1.

Numbers 11,

redan between

west lines and



nearest the


24-pounder. Redan nearest Front face, This gun is en

Fort Numbers 1. barbette. A

Pemberton, gun siege-carriage

Numbers 17, from those at

position the arsenal

Numbers 13. must be

obtained at

one for it.