War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0367 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Third. That Fort Sumter be kept always fully supplied with at least one month's provisions for the garrison. You will please, in this connection, report the supply now on hand in that fort.

I am also directed to inform you that the enemy is constructing a battery in rear of the middle of Black Island.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, and Assistant Adjutant-General.

Troops in the First Military District, Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley, C. S. Army, commanding, September 20, 1863.


Brigadier General WILLIAM B. TALIAFERRO.

1st Volunteers (Georgia), Colonel C. H. Olmstead.

6th Georgia, Colonel John T. Lofton.

7th Georgia,* Colonel W. W. White.

8th Georgia,* Colonel John R. Towers.

9th Georgia,* Colonel Benjamin Beck.

11th Georgia,* Colonel F. H. Little.

12th Georgia Battalion, Colonel C. H. Olmstead.

19th Georgia, Colonel A. J. Hutchins.

23th Georgia, Major M. R. Ballenger.

27th Georgia, Major James Gardner.

28th Georgia, Colonel Tully Graybill.

32nd Georgia, Colonel George P. Harrison, jr.

54th Georgia, Colonel C. H. Way.

59th Georgia,* Colonel Jack Brown.

8th North Carolina, Colonel H. M. Shaw.

31st North Carolina, Colonel John V. Jordan.

11th South Carolina,+ Colonel F. H. Gantt.

21st South Carolina,+ Colonel R. F. Graham

25th South Carolina,+ Colonel C. H. Simonton.

5th South Carolina Cavalry (four companies), Colonel John Dunovant.

1st South Carolina Artillery (five companies), Major Ormsby Blanding.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Colonel A. D. Frederick.

Chatham Artillery, Captain John F. Wheaton.

Lucas' Battalion, Major J. J. Lucas.

Marion Artillery, Captain E. L. Parker.

Mathewes Artillery, Captain John R. Mathewes.

Palmetto Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel E. B. White.

Savannah River Batteries,# Captain W. W. Billopp.

South Carolina Siegre Train,@ Major Edward Manigault.


Brigadier General T. L. CLINGMAN.

18th Georgia Battalion, Major W. S. Basinger.

51st North Carolina, Colonel Hector McKethan.

61st North Carolina, Colonel J. D. Redcliffe.

7th South Carolina Battalion,+ Lieutenant Colonel P. H. Nelson.

17th South Carolina,# Colonel F. W. McMaster.

18th South Carolina,# Colonel W. H. Wallace.

20th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel O. M. Dantzler.

22nd South Carolina,# Lieutenant Colonel James O'Connell.

23rd South Carolina,# Colonel H. L. Benbown.

26th South Carolina,# Colonel A. D. Smith.

Holcombe Legion,# Lieutenant Colonel W. J. Crawley.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Company E, Captain L. A. Whilden.

South Carolina Cavalry Company, Captain J. A. Peterkin.

South Carolina Cavalry Company, Captain A. D. Sparks.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Company K, Captain A. S. Gaillard.

3rd South Carolina Artillery, Colonel William Butler.

German (South Carolina) Artillery, Company A, Captain F. W. Wagener.

Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain B. A. Jeter.

*Brigadier General George T. Anderson's brigade, from Army of Northern Virginia, detached from that army September 9.

+Hagood's brigade.


@With Company C, 12th Georgia Battalion attached.

#Evans' brigade.