War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0328 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Jo. Thompson Artillery (Georgia battery), Captain C. R. Hanleiter.

Kilcrease (Florida) Artillery, Captain F. L. Villeligue.

Regular Artillery (Georgia battery), Captain J. A. Maxwell.

Terrel Artillery (Georgia battery), Captain John W. Brooks.


Brigadier General JOSEPH FINEGAN.

1st Florida Special Battalion (one company), Captain Edwin West.

2nd Florida Cavalry (five companies), Lieutenant Colonel A. H. McCormick.

2nd Florida Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel T. W. Brevard.

Florida company, Captain John Bryan.

Florida company, Captain J. C. Chambers.

Florida company, Captain W. H. Cone.

Florida company, Captain S. M. Gary.

Florida company, Captain Samuel E. Hope.

Florida company, Captain A. P. Mootey.

Florida company, Captain John W. Pearson.

Florida company, Captain A. A. Stewart.

Milton (Florida) Artillery, Companies A and B.


Brigadier General HOWELL COBB.

2nd Florida Cavalry (five companies), Colonel Caraway Smith.

4th Florida Battalion (six companies), Lieutenant Colonel J. F. McClellan.

Florida cavalry company, Captain A. W. Hunter.

Florida cavalry company, Captain A. C. Smith.

Partisan Rangers (one company), Captain W. J. Robinson.

Leon (Florida) Light Artillery, Captain R. H. Gamble.

1st Georgia (regulars). Colonel William J. Magill.

64th Georgia, Colonel John W. Evans.

Bohaud's (Georgia) Battalion, Captain A. Bonaud.

Nisbet's (Georgia) Battalion, Captain A. S. Hamilton.

Eufaula Minute Men (Alabama battery), Captain John Hardy.

Echols Light Artillery (Georgia battery), Captain John Tiller.

Georgia Siege Artillery (one company), Captain C. G. Campbell.

CHARLESTON, S. C., September 1, 1863-8 p. m.

General S. COOPER, Adjt. and Insp. General, Richmond, Va.:

Another heavy bombardement of Sumter yesterday afternoon and to-day. Damage to walls considerable, but fort shall be held to last extremity. Intercepted letters of enemy indicate determination to run past forts with iron-clads. Have made my preparations accordingly.



Richmond, September 1, 1863.

General G. T. BEAUREGARD, Charleston, S. C.:

GENERAL: The President having received notice of the bursting of two of the heavy rifled guns at your batteries, within a few days past, and of the large amount of ammunition daily expended, has requested me to suggest, for your consideration, whether the firing the heavy guns at too great elevation, and with too heavy charges, may not tend to render the guns and carriages unserviceable prior to the time when they may be most required for use with the ordinary service charge; and also whether ammunition may not be economized to some extent without injury to the defense of Charleston.