War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0326 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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Brigadier General A. H. COLQUITT.

23rd Georgia, Major M. R. Ballenger.

32nd Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Pruden.

8th North Carolina, Major E. C. Yellowley.

20th South Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel O. M. Dantzler.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Company F, Captain Thomas K. Legare.

Chatham (Georgia) Artillery (detachment), Lieutenant T. A. Askew.

South Carolina Siege Train (detachment), Captain S. Porcher Smith.

Sharpshooters (8th North Carolina), Lieutenant W. D. Woodbery, of 21st South Carolina Infantry.



27th Georgia, Company B, Captain H. Bussey.

28th Georgia, Company F, Captain W. P. Edwards.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Companies B, D, and E.*

1st South Carolina Artillery, Company G, Captain Wm. H. Peronneau.


Brigadier General WILMONT G. DE SAUSSURE.

1st South Carolina Militia, Colonel Edward Magrath.

1st South Carolina MIlitia, Artillery, Colonel John A. Wagener.

18th South Carolina Militia, Colonel John E. Carew.

South Carolina State Cadets, Major J. B. White.

Charleston Battalion, Major Julius A. Blake.

Furman (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain William E. Earle.

4th South Carolina Cavalry, Company K, Captain R. H. Colcock.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Companies D and H, Lieutenant Colonel R. J. Jeffords.


Colonel H. K. AIKEN.

6th South Carolina Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel L. P. Miller.

7th South Carolina Battalion (one company), Captain John R. Harrison.

Chesnut (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain F. C. Schulz.

Washington (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain George H. Walter.

Rebel Troops, Captain J. L. Seabrook.

Stono Scouts, Captain J. B. L. Walpole.


Brigadier General W. S. WALKER.

11th South Carolina, Colonel F. H. Gantt.

3rd South Carolina Cavalry (nine companies), Colonel C. J. Colcock.

4th South Carolina, Cavalry (nine companies), Colonel B. H. Rutledge.

Partisan Rangers, Captain M. J. Kirk.

Beaufort (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain H. M. Stuart.

Chestate (Georgia) Artillery, Captain Thomas H. Bomar.

Lafayette (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain J. T. Kanapaux.

Nelson (Virginia) Light Artillery, Captain James N. Lamkin.

Rutledge Mounted Rifles (horse artillery), Captain W. L. Trenholm.


* Company B. Captain D. G. Fleming; Company D, Captain F. H. Harleston; Commpany E, Captain J. R. Macbeth. Company B was, in part, at Fort Sumter August 31; Company D left the fort for Charleston August 28-29.