War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0325 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Organization of the troops in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, General G. T. Beauregard, c. S. Army, commanding, August 31, 1863.


Brigadier General ROSWELL S. RIPLEY.


Brigadier General WILIAM B. TALIAFERRO.

1st Volunteers (Georgia)

12th Georgia Battalion

Colonel C. H. Olmstead.

18th Georgia Battalion

6th Georgia, Colonel John T. Lofton.

19th Georgia, Colonel Andrew J. Hutchins.

27th Georgia, Major James Gardner.

28th Georgia, Captain W. P. Crawford.

54th Georgia,* Colonel Charlton H. Way.

31st North Carolina, Colonel John V. Jordan.

21st South Carolina, Colonel Robert F. Graham.

25th South Carolina, Colonel C. H. Simonton.

5th South Carolina Cavalry (four companies), Colonel John Dunovant.

Chatham (Georgia) Artillery (detachment), Captain John F. Wheaton.

Savannah River Batteries (detachment), Captain W. W. Bilopp.

Savannah Siege Train,+ Major. Edward Manigault.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Company A, Captain F. D. Blake.

1st South Carolina Artillery, Companies C, F, and I, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A Yates.

2nd South Carolina Artillery, Colonel A. D. Frederick.

Gist Guard (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain C. E. Chichester.

Lucas' (South Carolina) Battalion, Major J. J. Lucas.

Marion (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain Edward L. Parker.

Mathewes (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain John R. Mathewes.

Palmetto (South Carolina) Artillery Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel E. B. White.

South Carolina Siege Train, Major Edward Manigault.


Brigadier General NATHAN G. EVANS.++

51st North Carolina, @ Colonel Hector McKethan.

61st North Carolina, @ Colonel James D. Radcliffe.

7th South Carolina Battalion, @ Lieutenant Colonel P. H. Nelson.

17th South Carolina, ++ Colonel F. W. McMaster.

18th South Carolina, ++ Colonel W. H. Wallace.

23rd South Carolina, ++ Colonel H. L. Benbow.

26th South Carolina, ++ Colonel A. D. Smith.

Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion, ++ Lieutenant Colonel W. J. Crawley.

5th South Carolina Cavalry, Company E. Captain L. A. Whilden.

Sparks' (South Carolina) Cavalry Company, Captain A. D. Sparks.

1st South Carolina (Regular) Artillery, Company H, Captain H. R. Lesesne.

1st South Carolina (Regular) Artillery, Company K, Captain A. S. Gaillard.

1st South Carolina (Regualar) Infantry, # Colonel William Butler.

German (South Carolina) Artillery, Company A, Captain F. W. Wagener.

Inglis (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain W. E. Charles.


* See "District of Georgia," where four companies are reported under Colonel Way and one as in siege train.

+ Company C, 12th Georgia Battalion, attached to South Carolina Siege Train.

++ Evans brigade; arrived in district August 28, from detached service in Mississippi, but was not taken up in district return, which reports Brigadier General T. L. Cligman in command of this sub-division, the department returns report Evans in command.

@ Cligman's brigade, Brigadier-General Cligman commanding, on Sullivan's Island.

# Or 3rd Artillery.