War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0157 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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it is not expected that the troops now called for will be on active duty any considerable proportion of their time the civil officers of the State of every grade can do the service required, without much detriment to the public interest in their respective offices, and each of them who is able to bear arms is invited to unite with his fellow citizens for the defense of his home.

Any commissioned officer of the militia of this State of the rank of captain, or of a higher grade, is authorized to muster into service any company when organized, and to send muster-rolls of the company immediately by mail to H. C. Wayne, adjutant and inspector general, at Milledgeville. The clerk of the superior court, sheriff, and ordinary of each country are directed to assist such officer, on his application, in making up the muster-rolls in proper form and in a plain, legible handwriting. Proper forms will be sent by mail to the clerk's office of the superior court of each county as soon as they can be prepared.

The patriotism of the civil officers is hereby appealed to for efficient and prompt aid in forming these organizations.

An apportionment will be made, having in view the strength and exposed condition of each county, and a statement of the number of volunteers required of each will be forwarded in a few days to the commanding officer of the county; and, to provide against miscarriages of the mail, a copy will be sent to each ordinary, clerk of the superior court, and sheriff in the State, who are requested to give publicity to it in the county.

The citizens of the respective counties of this State are requested to lay aside all other business on the first Tuesday in July next, and assemble at the court-house in each county in mass meeting and organize the number of volunteers required of the county, and report them to the adjutant and inspector general, at Milledgeville, as soon as possible. Every militia and civil officer in the county, from he highest to the lowest, is expected to be present to aid and encourage the organization. In case any county fails to raise its quota on that day, it is hereby required of the civil and military officers of each county to travel through the county without delay and see the citizens, and enroll the names of all who will agree to volunteer, till the number is complete. Let no officer forget that he will be more successful in inducing others to volunteer when he can show his own name upon the list as a volunteer; and let the people of each county make every one, officer or private, who, without sufficient cause, refuses to volunteer to defend his home.

Georgians, I appeal to your patriotism and your pride. Let the people of no other State excel you in promptness of action or in the overwhelming numbers tendered in response to the President's call. Your brethren in the field have undergone hardships and endured privations to which you have not been exposed, and have nobly illustrated the character of their State when in deadly conflict with the enemy. The time has now arrived when you are expected to defend their homes and your own in the interior while they defend the border. Gray-headed sires, your influence and your aid are invoked. The crisis our affairs is fast approaching. Georgia "expects every man to do his duty." Fly to arms, and trust in God to defend the right.

Given under my hand, and the seal of the executive department, at the capitol in Milledgeville, this 22nd day of June, 1863.