War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0156 S.C. AND GA.COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E.FLA. Chapter XL.

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and to insult and cruelly injure his wife and his daughters, is unworthy the proud name of a Georgian and should fear lest he be marked as disloyal to the land of his birth and the Government that throws over him the aegis of its protection.

The object of mustering this force into the service of the Confederate States it to have it in readiness, that it may be relied upon, and to afford to the volunteers the protection, in case of capture by the enemy, which is enjoyed by other troops in service, including the right to be exchanged as prisoners of war.

Pay, rations, and transportation will be allowed to all when on active duty, but no one will receive any pay or allowance while at home, as each is expected to be most of his time, attending to his own business.

The command of the troops now required of this State will, under the act of Congress, belong to the President, and not to me, so soon as they have been organized and mustered into service. The President, however, having called upon me to organize the troops who volunteer, under the acts of Congress, in this State, has thought proper to say, through the Secretary of War, that he places the execution of the organization entirely under my supervision and control.

For the purpose of maintaining order and system in the organization, and that I may know when the full number required has been raised, it becomes necessary that all companies, battalions, and regiments which have lately been organized and tendered to the President, or to any Confederate officer, for local defense in this State, as well as all hereafter to be organized, report to me without delay.

By virtue o the authority vested in me, I, therefore, require all such organizations, as well those heretofore formed as those hereafter to be formed, to report immediately to the adjutant and inspector general at this place, with their muster-rolls made out in conformity to law, accompanies by their election returns, if they have not already received commissions. And I request the commandants of the different military posts in this State, who have accepted the tender of volunteers for local defense, to see that the companies, battalions, or regiments accepted by hem comply with this requirement as early as possible. Cordial co-operation and assistance on the part of all Confederate officers in the State are invited and expected, as harmony between the State and Confederate officers is essential to success in the prompt formation of the organization required by the President.

All militia and civil officers of this State are hereby authorized and are expected to unite with these organizations for home defense, and to be active an energetic in assisting to form such organizations. Furloughs of six months, unless sooner revoked, are hereby granted to all militia officers of this State from the time they connect themselves with companies formed under this proclamation, and are mustered into service, and they are authorized to occupy any position, as officer or private, to which the companies may assign them (by election if it be an official position) without prejudice to their commissions as militia officers, and without the loss of the protection. which the constitution and laws afford them as such, and no presumption of resignation will be raised against them on account of having entered this service. They are expected to show the same promptness and patriotic devotion to the State in response to this call which they have shown in response to every previous call. As