War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0146 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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at their usual places of parade on Tuesday, the 7th of July next, all persons within the limits of their respective commands, liable to any military service by the laws of the State, and call for volunteers to meet the requisition of the President of the Confederate States on this State for troops for local defense, persons between the ages of forty and forty-five to be included in the call.

II. On any regiment failing to furnish by volunteering its quota of troops, which is fixed by General Orders, Numbers 21, accompanying this order, the commanding officer of such regiment will immediately draw from those liable to actual military service beyond the limits of their respective districts, between the ages of forty and fifty years, a sufficient number of men to make up said quota.

III. The commanding officers of regiments are required immediately to organize the troops thus raised into companies of not less than 64 and not more than 125 privates, by holding elections for company officers, viz, 1 captain, 1 first lieutenant, and 2 second lieutenants (the non-commissioned officers - 4 sergeants and 4 corporals - to be appointed by the captains), and immediately return to this office certificates of said elections and the rolls of the companies.

IV. The commanding officers of beat companies are required to prepare and return to the commanding officers of their respective regiments, on the day above mentioned, accurate rolls of all males residing within their respective beats between the ages of forty and fifty.

V. Offices of the militia between the ages of forty and fifty years will be subject to draft.

VI. Companies organized under this order will hereafter be organized, by orders issued from this office, into regiments of ten companies each by the election of field officers; and when called into the field, will be mustered into the Confederate service for local defense and special service within the limits of this State, for the term of six months from the 1st day of August next.

VII. The commanding officers of regiments are charged with the prompt extension and execution of this order, and any default on their part, or on the part of any officer, will be visited with the severest penalties of the law.

By command of the Governor:


Adjutant and Inspector-General, South Carolina.


June 17, 1863.

Captain W. F. NANCE,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

There are two bomb-proofs, both on the inner shore of Little Folly. The first at the end of the woods toward Big Folly, say one-fourth of the distance from the Light-House Inlet to Big Folly.

The second about an equal distance from the first, nearer to Big Folly; that is, half way between the Inlet and Big Folly. That is as clear as I can make it.


Colonel, Commanding.