War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0133 Chapter XL. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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under his control any property which shall have been abandoned by the owner or owners or captured in any district declared to be in insurrection against the United States, including all property seized under military orders, excepting only such as shall be required for military use the United States forces, shall promptly turn over all such property to the agent appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury to receive the same, who shall give duplicate receipts therefor.

And every such officer or private or person employed in or with the regular or volunteers forces of the United States shall also promptly turn over to such agent in like manner all receipts, bills of lading, and other papers, documents, and vouchers showing title to such property, or the right to the proceeds thereof. Arms, munitions of war, forage, horse, mules, wagons, beef cattle, and supplies which are necessary in military operations shall be turned over to the proper office of the Ordnance or of the Quartermaster's or of the Commissary Departments, respectively, for the use of the army. All other property abandoned or captured or seized, as aforesaid, shall be delivered to the agent appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

The officer receiving over such property shall give the usual and necessary invoices, receipts, or vouchers therefor, and shall make regular returns thereof, as prescribed by the Army Regulations. The receipts of the agents of the Treasury Department shall be vouchers for all property delivered to them, and whenever called upon by the agent of the Treasury Department authorized to receive such abandoned or captured or seized property, as aforesaid, or the proceeds thereof, all persons employed in the military service will give him full information in regard thereto; and, if requested by him so to do, they shall give him duplicates or copies of the reports and returns thereof, and of the receipts, invoices, and vouchers therefor.

And every officer of the army of the United States, hereafter receiving abandoned or captured or seized property, or the proceeds thereof, or under whose order it may be applied to the use of the military forces as aforesaid, shall, upon request of a duly authorized agent of the Treasury Department, render a written report, with invoices thereof, to said agent, in which he will specify the arms, supplies, or other munitions of war, retained for the use of the military forces as aforesaid, and also, separately, the property turned over to said agent, or which may have been sold or otherwise disposed of.

And in case a sale of any such property shall be made under such authority, or under the authority of any one subject to his order, he will so state and will describe the property so sold, and will state when and where, and by and to whom sold, and the amount received therefor, and what disposition was made of the proceeds. And all officers of the Army of the United States will at all times render to the agents anointed by the Secretary of the Treasury all such aid as may be necessary to enable them to take possession of and transport all such property, so far as can be done without manifest injury to the public service.

III. All commanders of military departments, districts, and posts, will, upon receipt of this order, revoke al existing orders with their respective commands conflicting or inconsistent herewith, or which permit or prohibit, or in any manner interfere with, any trade or transportation conducted under the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury; and their attention is particularly directed to said regulations, prescribed March 31, 1863, and they will respectively make such orders as will insure strict observance of this order throughout their respective commands.

All expenses of transporting property herein referred to will be reported by the officers of the Quartermaster's Department, who furnish such transportation, to the agents of the Treasury Department, and also through the ordinary channels to the Quartermaster-General at Washington, in order that the said expenses may be reimbursed from the proceeds of sales of such transported property.


Secretary of War.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

WAR DEPARTMENT, September 11, 8163.

The attention of all officers and soldiers of the army of the United States, whether volunteer or regular, is specially directed to the revised regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, approved by