War of the Rebellion: Serial 047 Page 0132 S. C. AND GA. COASTS, AND IN MID. AND E. FLA. Chapter XL.

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the ordinary channels, to these headquarters, in order that requisition may be made by the general commanding the department, or by his authority, upon the Treasury agent, for such goods or property, and that appraisal of the same may be had and receipts of the same may be given in the manner prescribed by the Treasury regulations; but if military necessity shall require the taking of such property for military use before communication with headquarters can be had, the office taking it shall receipt for it to the treasury agent, after appraisal, and shall immediately report the facts to these headquarters.

VII. All commanders of districts and posts in this military department will make such orders as will insure strict observance of this order and of General Orders, Numbers 88, above referred to, from the War Department, and the supplement thereto, of September 11, 1863, throughout their respective commands, and will revoke all existing orders inconsistent therewith.

By command of Major General Q. A. Gillmore:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

General Orders, Numbers 88, current series, from the War Department, and the supplement of September 11, 1863, are hereunto subjoined for general information.



WAR DEPT., ADJT. GENERAL'S OFFICE, Numbers 88. Washington, April 3, 1863.

The following orders in respect to the regulating of intercourse with the insurrectionary States, the collection of abandoned property, &c., are published for the information and government of the army and of all concerned:


Washington, March 31, 1863.

For the purpose of more effectually preventing all commercial intercourse with insurrectionary States, excepting such as shall be authorized in pursuance of law, and of securing consistent, uniform, and efficient action in conducting such intercourse as shall be so authorized, and for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of an act of Congress, entitled "An act to provide for the collection of abandoned property and for the prevention of frauds in insurrectionary States," approved March 12, 1863, it is hereby ordered -

I. That no officer of the army of the United States,nor other person connected therewith, shall authorize or have any interest in the transportation of any goods, wares, or merchandise (excepting supplies belonging to o contracted for by the United States, designed for the military or naval forces thereof, and moving under United States, designed for the military of naval forces thereof, and moving under permits of the authorized officers of the Treasury Department) into any State declared by the President to be in insurrection; nor authorize nor have any interest in the purchase or sale therein of any goods or chattels, warts or merchandise, cotton, tobacco, or other product of the soil thereof, nor the transportation of the same, except as aforesaid, therefrom or therein; nor shall any such purchase or sale or transportation, which shall be conducted under the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, unless under some imperative military necessity in the place or section where the same shall be conducted, or unless requested by an agent or some other authorized office of the treasury Department, in which case all commanders of military departments, districts, and posts will render such aid in carrying out the provisions of the said act and be given without manifest injury to the public service.

II. It is further ordered that every officer or private or person employed in or with the regular or volunteer forces of the United States, who may receive or have